Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Green Bay Weekend - First Day and a Half

We survived and had a great time! Here's a ton of pics of our time....can you tell I went a little camera happy (as usual?!)

Waiting at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport for our flight to Green Bay

We made it!

View of Lambeau from our hotel room

1 of 3 Packers Practice Fields


5 hours before gametime - the tailgating had begun

And we made it to our tailgate party at Brett Favre's Steakhouse

Picking up some infant socks for our nephew Matthew
(his parents are Seahawks/Colts fans...they'll love the Packer socks...not!)

Best shirt!
(See pic of #52 below)

All decked out

Ready for the game

MrP loves his KD

The madhouse walking over to Lambeau field
(apparently it's alright to drink beer on the street on the way to the field - but only on game day!)

Awesome seats...yes, I'm super awesome!

Start of the game

And there they go!

C'mon Pack!

Rodgers working his magic

So close to the field

Driver, Jennings...everyone was there

Including my boy, Clay (#52)
I cheered for Clay Matthews when he played for USC (MrP's college team)

Second best shirt
She was also super fun. I was saying how I thought "Brett Favre Pass" (the road) should be renamed "Brett Favre Interception" and she said at the Vikings game, they had a sign (which didn't make it on TV) that said "Brett, even your sexual passes get intercepted!"

Broken candy cane, but a happy guy

With a final score of 45-17....it was a Giant beatdown
(and I loved every minute of it...thanks for some awesome passes, Eli!)


  1. Great pictures, Tanis!! Great seats too!!! My hubby is a USC fan all the way :) Glad you had a great time and looks like the weather was fabulous too!

  2. Awesome pics Tanny!!! Looks like you had a blast :) It's so much fun to be seated net to a fun group of folks! Poor "Brent" :D I would imagine that a game at Lambeau would be quite the experience given the deep love for the Pack in Green Bay!!! I'm so glad they put a beat down on the Giants too (So is my hubby, who is a Cowboys fan!).

  3. How fun! I feel like I was right there with you and yes, AWESOME seats! So glad that they won for you!! That blue sky behind you looks so pretty and really shows off Mr. P's cheesehead well...lol!

  4. oh, wow!!! You are the sexiest fan!!! LOVE you two all decked out :) My brother is a Seahawks fan since he moved to Bellevue and we went to a game with him...it wasn't a playoff one or anything, so we weren't decked out like you or my brother when it's a serious game...but the party ahead of time in the pub was the best :) What a wonderful trip :)


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