Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cookie for Breakfast?

Oh wait...that's just me with the bad habits on the morning after our Annual Treat Exchange. =) This was year four! Since MrP and I won't be around for Christmas, we opted to forgo the large Christmas tree and instead went with our apartment sized 3 footer - in part so I can continue to use the fireplace in December! 

Petite Tree

Copycat Levain Bakery Cookies I made for the treat exchange

Chelsey's delish shortbread

Chelsey making punch

Shelly's outstanding coconut macaroons
They're more like what I've always known as a meringue cookie, but oh my are they tasty. She brought an extra bundle for MrP but he hates coconut, so I got them....and I've eaten two of them for breakfast!

And then the babe arrived. This is my newest nephew, Matthew....
I told his mom to get out of my house for forcing him to wear this horrible Mariners toque
(nobody likes the Mariners", I told her) until I saw the cute baseball pom on top and then I allowed it.
They just came back from a weekend trip to Seattle the day before where Matt was a complete saint.

Shelly & Mandi
I LOVED Mandi's awesome basket - I felt like Red Riding Hood when I was unloading it, then it was the first basket to repack since I was enjoying carrying it around!

Chelsey, Querida & Julie
Q & J have worse halves that work with MrP and we've all become friends from having to drag their sorry butts around. Convenient that J lives close by, too!

3/5 of the PCL Homegirls as I've decided to call us!

Birds Eye view of treats (post analysis)
and by post analysis, I mean having sneak tastes of a bunch of stuff by yours truly,
then detailed analysis (read: tasting) by MrP.

Good eats!

And a bunch of goodies for the Humane Society!

On Saturday, I created what might just be my favorite Christmas card I've created yet, but I have to wait a few days for it to arrive at it's destination...just in case it's recipient checks over here before it gets there! I used the fabulous color combination from Stacy's Curtain Call Color Challenge 58. I'm late to the punch, but it sure did make a fun non-traditional Christmas card!


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time together :) Nothing beats fun times with good friends and what a bonus of having some great goodies to enjoy after they all leave :) Loved the pics. Darling little tree :) Love the mantel. The horse is fabulous as is that cute little Inukshuk. Have a great day and can't wait to see your card.

  2. these look so yummy!!! Good thing I'm full from the Toys for Kids breakfast!! What a great thing you have going with your girlfriends and sister...what a sweetie of a nephew :) I love how all the packages are so different and unique :)

  3. Fun, fun fun! That is the best way to get lots of different cookies without all the work :) Plus, lots of fun visiting with friends, and well that baby is just the cutest thing ever! I would have said that tree was the cutest, but the baby won out ;)
    Thanks for posting the pics and have a great day!

  4. Oh yay...I finally get to see! I'm zoning in on the pics above the mantle (so pretty) and the coconut macaroons which I would probably come and snitch especially since you seem to have extras! Crazy Mr. P. Love the baby, the friends and the fun of your holiday tradition.


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