Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 Cards from our Sunday Extravaganza

Check out these two beauties Chelsey had me working on when we had our stamp a stack on Sunday!

I claim no responsibility for these pretty cards other than I made what I was told =)

Today, MrP is at home sick, but tonight he better buck up - he's taking me to see Harry Potter! YAHOOOO!


  1. Love the little snow globe on the first one and that sentiment script is fabulous on the second one - along with the punched border at the bottom. Drug MrP up with some cold medicine and he should be good to go tonite LOL! Enjoy the movie :)

  2. I love the cards...One is cute the other so elegant! Hope he feels better and that you enjoy HP...Are you thinking it will be the IMax version? It should be good no matter what ;)

  3. so the navy and white...very classy!! Ah, I haven't seen Harry yet...was hoping this weekend but may need to wait until the holidays :) Have fun!!

  4. Tanny these are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE the sweet snowglobe card and the Season's Greetings card is so elegant!
    Did you get to see Harry yet?! The hubs and I went last weekend after the hullabaloo died down a bit - I reserve comments until you've seen it (but it DID NOT disappoint!).

  5. Eeek, these are fabulous! I especially love the snowglobe card. It's too cute for words!


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