Sunday, September 12, 2010

US Open - Mens Semi Finals - at a glance

In front of Arthur Ashe

MrP's new car

Beautiful grounds at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center

Our view - Sec 306, Row R

Let's go Federer (Great Logo!)

Citi Field (Home of the Mets)

Journey to the finals

Up Next - Nadal vs. Youzhny

Hello my Bicep Boyfriend!

Fabulous effort by 12th seeded Youzhny

Vamos Rafa!

Tossing out the three autographed balls

Ready for the second semifinal - Novak & Roger coming in

Let's make it a good one - and have these fans in their seats for almost 4 hours

Amex had the BEST radios. Every event should have these!

Novak Djokovic

Roger Federer

Sadly for us, Djokovic outplayed Federer. He's six years younger, so I suppose it does was still a shocker to most of the fans, but good for him. Only in tennis, with Rafael Nadal as #1 and Roger Federer as #2 could you be the #3 in the entire world and come in "under the radar"!

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  1. You got to watch some pretty amazing matches. We were watching a lot of it on TV and I was looking for you ;) Whoever came up with the headsets is brilliant!

    As for the car, tell MrP I go the last one LOL!


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