Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday!

This morning, I had the greatest brunch with THE Amber from Amber Ink! Yep - MrP and I, now considering ourselves "skilled" in the ways of the subway, headed to Brooklyn and met up at Heights Cafe with Amber for some early brunch before we had to check out and make our way over to our new hotel, the Helmsley Park Lane.

Amber & I
Yes - she's that fabulous & her!

Brooklyn, baby!

Oh yeah - and on the walk from the subway to the cafe, we discovered Crumbs Bake Shop, which I'd heard of on many a foodie blog, so we had to pick up a pair of cupcakes.

MrP and his Baba Booey

My Red Velvet Cupcake
These were without a doubt the best cupcakes we'd ever eaten. There was a little too much of the super sweet icing for us, but after removing a little, they were still the most moist & unreal tasty cupcakes,  meaning they're #1 in our hearts!

Crumbs was all that was left from our Crumbs visit

Our cupcake eating view of Central Park
Maybe it's just where we were, but I swear, Central Park smells like pee to me.

I'd heard too many amazing things about Levain having the best cookies
that we could not go to NY and not have them (and I'm not a cookie fan)

It's tough to smile in heaven.
Yes, heaven has garbage beside me...and it's called Levain Bakery
once you've shoved some cookie in your face.
I didn't want to show my chocolate & PB chip ridden teeth, but I cannot even begin to imagine how many visits to the gym I'll have to make to feel good about eating the half dozen I plan to bring home. Honest to goodness. Best thing I've ever eaten.
And I don't like cookies.


On the walk back to the hotel, we discovered Screme Gelato Bar, who was sampling Ferrero Rocher (ICK!) but the guy told me to go in & try something else - this Cherry sampling resulted in a small cup for MrP & I to share. Tart & delicious.

And for the smile of the day - MrP when he found a store that sold his new fave beer
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat!

Beautiful architecture

Ready to cross over to Central Park and finish up the last of our 10K walk (so far today)

Yep - I named him. he was too cute - way too friendly.
MrP laughed when I named him and told me he's too unafraid to live for long.

Fountain in Central Park


Lake at Central Park

Wagner Cove

Name sound familiar? Any Beetles fans?

Quite a large room...but here's the real treat...
the view from the 20th floor...
Absolutely AMAZING!

Plus, I was able to learn of my Patriots win!

Alright - I'm all caught up on pics. Sorry for so many posts today =)


  1. Thanks for the post...I've been stalking LOL!!! I was just talking to Amber on the phone. She gushed about you and Mr. P. She really, really had a great time this morning. So glad you could meet up IRL! Isn't NYC FAB ???

  2. Looky at all that yummy food! I had to laugh at your gym trips because I have used that method of tabulation for years LOL!

    That gelato looks beyond delicious and your pictures are amazing yet again. You are doing to have many fabulous reminders of your trip :) Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  3. Man, look at that mom of mine. Sheesh. I'm trying to be the cool kid. Haha. I had SUCH a fun time!!!

    I hope the rest of your vacation is as dreamy as this day looks. Aren't those cupcakes to die for?

    Oh, and Tanny, those squirrels are really rough and tumble, I'm sure Max will do just fine ;)

  4. Looks like such a fun time! And that food...YUMMY! I am sitting here drooling & trying to fight the urge to go make cookies now!

  5. Ack! I can't believe you blogged all of this from your vacation!!! Thanks for posting so that I could feel like I was (almost) there too! So funny to see pictures of the same places I have been and I'm so impressed you remember to take pics of your food! LOVE that pic of you and Amber...Enjoy the rest of your stay!!!


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