Friday, September 3, 2010


This is the second card I created for my Aunt's set. It started out as one of the Verve AnniVERVEsary sketches, but ended up as a crazy version that looked not too much like it =)

I just adore this sentiment that Julee used and can see it being used a lot in the future!

Last night was the first night back at the gym and I finally did what I've always wanted to do - I participated in a drop in spin class. I know it's going to get much busier, so I'll have to arrive earlier, but I had a great time and it felt like I still had time in the evening when we got home. I often struggle with feeling like if we head to the gym, it's our entire night, but not last night (and maybe that's because it was still somewhat light out at 8 when we got home). Plus, the class was tough, but I wasn't feeling like dying like I had in a previous spin class. Must be that my legs & lungs are improving with all the work they've gotten this summer! YAHOOO! Does this mean the Climb of Hope will suck less than I'm expecting it to after a week of eating my face off in NY? Let's hope so!


  1. LOL Tanis! The "climb of hope" doesn't sound hopeful to me AT ALL, but eating your face off in NYC sounds like an absolute blast!

    (Admiration intact. I don't know how you do it!)

  2. I just love that sentiment and a great use of the DPs. Glad the spin class went well. I'm sure your summer activities has provided you with a lot of extra lung capacity :) Spin away girl friend!!

  3. K...just saw this and had to post the linkage...

    Can you make some side money selling energy?

  4. see I am stopping by and it is make me jumpy to make a card. Not good! Its an addiction! Hope you are having your fill of almond joys!
    Hugs girl!

  5. love the subdued colours. Best of luck with your "Climb of Hope".


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