Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our final full day...almost

Was full of shopping, walking, eating and picture taking! After a Victoria's Secret experience, we visited Serendipity 3 for lunch.

Talk about ridiculous!

Serendipity 3's second floor

Waiting for my fresh fruit & cottage cheese - so yummy!

Serendipity's Famous Frozen Hot Chocolate

Humble Pie (so delicious)

Very satiated!!

Dylan's Candy Bar

The Met

This area was a total reminder of my time in Italy & Greece when I was in high school

Roof display in African area

MrP was astounded to discover "women use modern art all the time"

Writing in a Painting

Second painting with writing & images hidden within (see below)

Very cool!

About the artist

Black Iris by Georgia O'Keefe

I loved this! (the man and the display)

Awesome stirrups

Super badass warrior helmet?!

Tested armor (dents left in as proof it worked)


Ringo Starr's Gold-Plated Snare Drum
(gift from Ludwig for all the sales they received thanks to his popularity & promoting)

A classic - Monet -1919 - Water Lilies

MrP likes the classics - Van Gogh
(I suspect he just knows the name)

Cool modern art that MrP did like




Yes - MrP does not like modern art for the most part.
He just doesn't get it.
"A trained chimp could do better with paint than Jackson Pollock.
Hell, an untrained one could do something nicer, I bet!"


Hottie gets a kiss

Still to come...supper at Daniel!
Here's a preview - the most awesome drink, a NY Sling!
The ice ball surrounds a rose pedal and is served in the glass to keep the drink cold.
Awesome until you get to the end and your top lip's a little frosty =)

Off to run!


  1. You are going to have to take up scrap booking, Amber! So many wonderful pictures! You definitely took full advantage of your time in NY and have many wonderful memories I"m sure. Thanks for sharing your trip with us :)

  2. HAAAAA!!!! I love Mr. P's take on modern art!!!! I feel the same way :) I've loved looking at all the pics from NY; the food looks A-MA-ZING!!! I'm sure you had an awesome time!!!

  3. What fun! Love Serendipity! So glad you are hitting all the hot spots!


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