Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My first Christmas project of the year...

And it's for the Sisterhood Challenge this week - a homemade gift! Wait...I don't know if this counts anymore - the gift card is not home made. But the package is, so I hope you can forgive me =)


I used a bottle holder that I'd kept from one of MrP's scotch bottles (in my opinion, the best part of the damn gift since the contents make me want to wretch) and put a few key pieces of tacky tape down one side and at both ends (only did the bottom for the picture, but you'll have to trust me...I did tape both sides). Then I wrapped the 12x12 sheet, which mostly covered except the area where I ribboned around the top.


I then punched a hole out of the top of the tin and lined with two nestie-cut papers, then ran some ribbon through the hole. I discovered after that I needed another knot on the other side of the lid since MrP immediately pulled the string rather than try to remove the lid properly, so I tried putting a little bit of ribbon on the other side, but it only slides down the real red ribbon. Note to self: make extra knot next time!

A little bit of punching and stamping and I have a perfect gift card holder. I plan to fill the tin with treats, as well as the gift card, so there's some chocolatey goodness for the recipient. And I'm taking back my Second Cup gift card....the recipient will just have to wait & see what they get =)

The other side of the gift card holder has just the right space for my own personal sentiment for the holidays! The Verve Snowflake Splendor set was perfect getting me started!

Check out what the Sisters made this week and submit your own homemade gift for our challenge!


  1. So cute and very creative :) Love that idea with the ribbon and gift card!

  2. This is FANTASTIC Tanny!! Thanks for all the details & inspiration! GREAT JOB!!

  3. Um Yeah dark chocolates would be perfect and I can forward my address so you can ship to me right away....hehehehe Perfect idea!

  4. What a fantastic project Tanny! Way to recycle :)


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