Tuesday, September 14, 2010

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Whew - what an amazing couple of final days! We leave tomorrow to head home (Wednesday) and it's been a fun couple of days. Monday, we headed down to the Chelsea Market to find some great tasting vacation eats!

Ready for lunch at the green table in Chelsea Market

Farm to Table - gotta like it!

MrP's chicken breast

My grilled cheese with apple chutney - YUM!

Fat Witch Brownie & some Figs & Honey Nougat

Chocolate Pudding at Sarabeth's Bakery

People's Pops - MrP had the Real Raspberry

I had the Honeydew Mint - I could eat another right now just thinking about it. So tasty!

Radio City Music Hall

From Rockefeller Center

Look at those buildings

Outside Rockefeller


Pretty Awesome churches on 5th Ave - I believe this was St. Thomas

We walked for another 10+kms today before heading to the Jets game in the new Meadowlands stadium. It was a fabulous place, but leaving it...SUCKED!

Best seats in the house - Row 1, Section 203A, Seat 14

 Ray Lewis tossing the ball around

 Jets fans?!

Joe Flacco(5), QB and Michael Oher (74) - otherwise known as The Blind Side

 "Oh say can you see...."

C'mon Jason (#99)...how about a QB sack?! No? Alright - just look hot then! 

Halftime - Green Day with the cast of Broadway's American Idiot production 

Fireworks after Green Day 

Mark Sanchez (6)- you didn't leave us much to cheer about, but you're a USC boy, so we'll cheer for ya

Oh hello again, Jason. How about a GQ cover?! Hell yeah! 

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! 

What a stadium 

Sad for the Jets fans (sorry, Andrea!!)

 But happy for my inner Patriot fan!!

Still, an amazing experience in the NFL's newest stadium (especially after our past two NFL experiences in two of the oldest stadiums in the league - San Diego & San Francisco)

MrP was starving after the game, so we mad a visit to Carnegie Hall for an insane corned beef sandwich that we just couldn't finish.


  1. How fun!! You have had a great time :)

  2. Yay! I watched that game (well, part of it before I fell asleep...lol) but I wondered if you were there :) Looks like you had the vacation of a lifetime!

  3. Awesome Tanny!!! Thanks for rooting for my boys!!! The stadium looks amazing.... So jealous :) I hope we're still friends after this weekend :)
    Loved all your pics from NY! glad to know you're back home safe and sound.


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