Friday, September 17, 2010

Passing of the Torch!

Today is the day the torch is passed and the super talented Melissa is going to carry the purple torch for September. Be sure to check her out, as wel as the July carrier of this fine torch, Karin!

It was such a treat to work with Amber's awesome digis and I feel so honoured - I had the pleasure of meeting Amber while we were in NY and had such a great time, I wish we were closer in distance to do it more often =)

Speaking of NY, I've got more pics to share, so check back later today. I'll have those up before I head out for my Climb of Hope!

You can also see more of the sweet new {th}Ink Tank here (because Amber Ink does the funniest biographies!!) or by heading over to their blogs:

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  1. welcome home!!! I trust you had a blast with all the great pictures :) Do you have a laptop you take or just by phone? So cool to meet a blog buddy on your trip!! Have a great weekend :)


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