Friday, September 10, 2010

Days 2 & 3 in the Big Apple

Sorry - two days worth of quick's been a blast.

City from Castle Clinton
Lady Liberty from Ferry
Original Torch
On the way to the Crown!
From the Crown of the Statue of Liberty
In the Crown
From the Crown (torch base at the top)
Out the right side of the crown
Going back down
MrP at the Pedestal
She's a greenie
Manhattan background
Ellis Island
Best quote from Ellis Island

Day 3 - Foods of NY - Greenwich Village Tasting Tour & Le Bernardin
Before the tour, I ran 5K on the treadmill, then took the stairs for 25 flights. I don't recommend it when you did the stairs at the Statue of Liberty the day before, then walked home to and from the restaurant/Broadway show in high heels, and then plan to walk the Tour and Greenwich Village back to Times Square the following day after. My thighs burn. No lies.

Waiting for tour to start
Joe's Pizza
Rice Balls from Faicco's
They were delish!
Cauliflower Palma

Palma Garden

Vegan Bento Box from Soy & Sake
Milk & Cookies - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Skinniest House in NYC!
Murray's Cheese, Salami & Olives - so tasty!
And to finish off the tour...canolli!  YUM!

I'll post the Le Bernardin pics tomorrow with the US Open pics, but let me tell you - absolutely DELISH!


  1. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures. I am living vicariously through them :) You are quite the photographer too! Love all the pics of you and MrP. You have the most beautiful face and smile :)

    That skinny house reminds me of all the houses in Amsterdam! I remember my thighs being a bit tight after walking up and down the Iffle Tower so can relate - though I didn't attempt a work out the next day LOL!

    Can't wait to see some more pics!!

  2. I love canollis!!! I am so jealous.

  3. I'm running to your blog everyday to check it...okay...I'm walking really, but love it! Isn't NYC so exciting and delish? Have fun at the open. Should be quite a day.


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