Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Sunday....and Happy Birthday! That's what this card says, anyway =) This is the third of my cards for my Aunt's collection, using up some of my Windsor Knot paper from my hoard of patterned paper.

My new Verve arrived on Friday, but I picked it up on Saturday at the post office, so I'm eager to get some creations made with it before I'm busy packing today.

I finished reading Mockingjay (what an amazing series!) and was feeling a little down after, so I picked up some fluff to read on the way to NY and then went for a run, which always improves my mood. MrP made supper and we watched Kick-Ass, then started Bounty Hunter before I fell asleep. Tonight, supper with some friends - can't wait! Hope you're having a fabulous long weekend, too!


  1. what beautiful paper :) Love the solid stripes pulled from those colours :) Ah, new Verve...I can smell them from here :) Enjoying my last few days of "holidays." Poured rain yesterday so I got a bit of stamping done. Jake is here until tomorrow morning and then the "show" starts Tuesday, although the kids are just here for 1.5 hrs. How's the packing coming?

  2. I'm jealous - your order arrived and mine is still AWOL! Definitely going to be using my new US PO Box in Blaine to get my US orders more quickly! I'm dying to get the new release goodies I ordered - flowers, flowers and more flowers....oh sigh... :D

    Love that Verve HB stamp. Such a great script and you have used it wonderfully. Love the touch of bling and the DPs too. Well done :)

    I need to read that series of books! I've seen them everywhere! Glad you have some fluff to enjoy while travelling LOL!

    Have a FABULOUS trip! Enjoy some for me and I look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Gorgeous card - I got my new Verve on Thursday and haven't played yet -- but hopefully I will this weekend!


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