Thursday, July 9, 2009

What The ......

Dear Thieves,
I despise you. I loathe you. What gives you the right to take from others that which does not belong to you? Were you unloved as a child? Are you a child? I doubt that since I can't see what interest a kid would have in a company access key or why you'd read a company letter that states employment. Nevertheless, the items you took have value, so maybe you wanted them for yourself, but I can assure you that they meant more to the one that you took them from, you weasel. You're a spineless scoundrel. A menace to society. A disgrace to the neighborhood. And I hope karma kicks your butt!

Tanny P

Okay. I feel better. Last night, I suspect MrP left his car unlocked. It's parked on the street, so in my mind, he does kinda deserve a boot to the behind, but I'm still disappointed that there's people out there who would feel the need to steal his belongings. I received a call this morning, asking if I had gone into his car and taken his 3 pack of company golf balls and access card to his office. Once I assured him that I really didn't have any interest in either item, he pondered it a little more (before his phone died, which is commonplace for his company cell). He called back once he'd gotten to work and let me know that those items were indeed stolen, along with the cds that he'd had in his arm rest. Also, the letter he had from his company that confirmed his employment (for a city fitness facilities discount) that's been sitting in his car for months was shifted, having apparently been read. So now the thieves knew where he works and had an access card. Yay. Fingers crossed that it wasn't robbed during the night.

I created a card last night for the host of our evening's festivities tonight. I used the Jacksonbelle Embellishments Blog Challenge (a sketch - yay!) and the Color Challenge 226, which was Tempting Turquoise, Baja Breeze, Apricot Appeal and Creamy Caramel. Quite the combo, but I think it turned out alright (obviously, I'm more than a little biased). I tried the Rock n' Roll technique on the flowers, but I think it would've had better coverage if I had the Apricot pad instead of just trying to color with the markers. The card is 5.5 x 5.5" and I hope she likes it!

Oh yeah - and Up! was excellent! I think going when there were little rugrats in the theatre added to the ambiance. After the previews, Pixar had their trademark short, this one called Partly Cloudy, which featured clouds who make babies and the storks who carry them to the families. The one cloud who particularly was detailed made the less cutesy diaper rashes - rather than cuddley puppies, fluffy kittens & snuggly babies, it made more entertaining little blessings - crocodiles, porcupines and the like. While the kids weren't laughing as much as Swillsey and I, we were close to stitches with the slightly twisted little film....loved it! Then on to the feature film, where we heard little voices in quiet parts saying "I wish I'd worn shorts", "That was scary, Mom!" and "Is it done yet?" (which was possibly the funniest being that the movie finished about ten minutes later) The randomness of children's thoughts has got to be the funniest part of kids. And I love 3D movies =)


  1. OMG, that sucks! I hope everything was still secure at his work. Who would even do that?! PUNKS!!
    Glad to hear the movie was good at least. :)

  2. Your card is beautiful! Great colors! So sorry about the theft. They don't realize they steal more than material things! Blessings to you!

  3. Love your card and the layout! Sorry to hear about the robbery!!

  4. Beautiful card! Sorry to hear about the robbery!

  5. This is beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about items being stolen from your husbands car. That sucks!!

  6. hope everything is ok for him and glad that lives were ok.

    The card is beautiful too.


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