Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feel the Burn....Love the Burn

Last night, I had my first Reformer Pilates class since before that decorated evergreen, turkey & cranberry infested, gift giving holiday and boy did I feel it! What's a Reformer? I'm glad you asked (well I'm thinking you were going to, so I'm trying to do a little mind reading). In my mind, it's the single greatest fitness contraption since the Bowflex. (no offense to're just too obvious as choice that people know & love as that all in one workout machine)

Made by Stott Pilates, the class uses one of the less intimidating machines, the Group SPX Reformer. For a mere $2300 USD (plus shipping, etc), you can snatch up one of these for yourself. I know - I looked into it after my first class. I took eight weeks of Mat Pilates and I got more out of the five weeks on this unit, reminiscent of a medieval torture device, than I got out of the longer mat class. For a demonstration, click here.

The class is about the best I know to get a kick butt workout for your core, engaging your entire body at different points in the class. Disguising abdominal exercises as bicep exercises, we did work out both, but I know I got a lot of core stability training done because I feel like Mike Tyson used my guts as a punching bag, somehow managing to not break every rib in the area. Despite this brutishness to my abs, my noodle-esque arms did not get away unscathed. Adding to the aches this morning are my glutes (yep, sore butt!) and thighs, which were warmed up with a light jog up Walterdale hill before class since parking in the Garneau area could be described as hellish at best. Alas, my sore body appreciates the workout and I'll be back next week for more!

Obviously, when I was done last night, I was DONE. I mean, mindless blog surfing, SCS gallery watching, a little farming on FB, a shower and reading of Malice. No crafts or baking to speak of.

And tonight, Swillsey and I are going to check out what everyone's been raving about...Disney's UP!

*both photos shamelessly found on websites via google....I figure since I'm not saying anything bad, so I can't get in too much trouble, right?!
Okay - for technicality's sake, Up! Poster found here and Reformer photo found here. Just to keep me out of the rubbish pile =)

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  1. 2 points for use of the word 'snatch'... in a non-dirty way.


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