Saturday, July 4, 2009

Desserts & Gifts

Last night we had some friends over for supper, drinks & games. What a fantastic time! MrP had been under the weather during the day, but managed to still whip up some supper for the six of us that was a real treat.

Speaking of treats, I used PW's Springy Flower Pot Desserts as our delicious end to the meal - and was it ever a hit! For the one friend who suffers from Celiac's Disease, I found some gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies (a bargain at only twice the price of a box of oreos!) and while hers was slightly modified, it was apparently tasty nonetheless. So cute - they thought we were sending them home with flower pots!

Our friends are always great at showing their appreciation for hosting, so we had a bottle of Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon and this beautiful calla lilly pot (Some of my favorite flowers, Callas were our wedding flower!)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! We're off to see The Lion King tonight!

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