Thursday, March 4, 2010

I survived my exam!

Now to wait patiently for the results...something I'm sorely lacking in. Oh well! I guess I can wait impatiently, but they'll still take their sweet time. I have started on my next module and sent in my extension request, so I think if I stay the course, I should be good.

I also survived Winefest on Saturday, which was an absolute blast. We decided to save ourselves on the cost of cabfare and opted for a public transport trip (which works well since our house is located along a bus route), which was a fantastic idea and for $11 round trip, a gosh darn bargain for our mildly intoxicated selves. Alright, one of us was mild. Another, well let's just say he enjoyed himself, but did not love the hangover the next day. Silly boy.

We had friends over for the hockey game and I think we all ended the afternoon minus a whole lot of fingernails. What a crazy game...but in the end, we all came away happy! Thanks, boys - you did us did so many other amazing athletes. We enjoyed checking out the closing ceremonies - way to go BC! Beautiful execution of a world class event - and I loved Ryan Reynolds on the ads...oh boy, did I love that "home", which I kept dubbing over "hot". =)

Down to just over two weeks until I head out to the Dominican for some much needed (and in my mind, deserved) rest. But first, 10kms to get through on the 14th. Let's just say that if my 7.5km run on Tuesday was any indication, MrP may be posting my funeral information on this blog on the 14th. HAHAHA! Nah - it wasn't THAT bad, but it will definitely not be any sort of record breaker. It's all good. I should be registering for the MS Bike Tour (Nisku to Camrose) by the end of the week...and that's one more thing to start training for. YAY!

Tomorrow's the Verve release and I'm SOOOO envious of Maureen, who's getting the entire release...lucky duck! Okay, I'll admit - she totally deserves it. Talent just radiates from her. Plus, it's not like I've been in my crafting area, so I can't really complain...much ;)
I just received my TE Key Ingredients and some new nesties, though, so I'm destined to get in there soon. Until then, I'll just have to check out the amazing creativity of everyone else.


  1. Hey there Girlie! So happy to hear you have survived all things :) Looking forward to seeing you and your stuff on the Sisterhood blog!

  2. congrats on your I've been missing a piece of's for accounting, businesss? What are you exactly working towards...I feel I should know all the deets!! Winefest sounds like it was a hit...what a great weekend you had!! LOVED the Olympics too :) I'm in the middle of reports right now and then we're off to Vancouver for a few days. Although your trip sounds a bit more warmer :) Can't wait to see some cards with new nesties...which ones? Labels 22? LOL...I can't keep up with the numbers. I can't believe my luck with Verve!! The new release sounds exciting and I've seen a few previews on the Diva blogs :)

  3. Your blogs a blast read Tanis! I'm glad you enjoyed winefest. Mr. P does know that you're only meant to TASTE the wine right? LOL
    Enjoyed the game immensely as well. Maybe more than that commercial :) I'm right there with you on the Ryan Reynold's thing....HOT HOT HOT!!!

  4. I hated having to wait for my exam marks...just need to keep yourself busy so you forget about waiting LOL! Sounds like Winefest was a lot of fun and best of luck on your 10K :D

    We cheered so much for that hockey game that the cat went flying out of the room a few times and then decided it was safer to just stay away LOL and my kids told me to stop yelling - to which I corrected them and told them I was cheering! What can I say, I'm just a tad competitive and get very excited at times LOL :D What a game!!! It just about killed me when it got tied up with only 30 seconds to go. I think I would have cried if we lost - mind you I did cry tears of joy when we won and they played Oh Canada. Vancouver was simply amazing to be in during the Olympics. The atmosphere was electric and fun was had by all. Only drawbacks were the huge line ups to get into things but then they said they were expecting to get less than a quarter of what they actually did get coming through. I so behind on some things that got put off in lieu of Olympic viewing, but it was worth it :D

    Keep us posted on your results and I look forward to hearing about the cute paramedics you may meet during your 10K...sorry, couldn't resist LOL! Have a great race!

  5. Hi Tanny, just wanted to stop by and say 'hi'! Sounds like you've been a busy bee! Have a great vacation! You do deserve a break!


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