Monday, March 22, 2010

Enjoying myself?

Yes I am! We arrived safe & sound yesterday at Moon Palace and I think five star might just be the way to go. LOL! Well, I know it's the way to go, but I think I might actually put out the $$ for it in the future - this place is outstanding.

The walk to our room (the resort is still under construction, so it's not jam packed and the place is HUGE!! Plus we're one of the closest resorts to the ocean according to the little map I received) See that blue sky? Yep - follow it to reach blue ocean!)

Which I did....and what an ocean it is!

Then I lounged a little before checking out the next pool over...which was where I discovered the awesomeness of a swim-up bar. And mamajuana. And Pina Coladas with Brugal.

And Spin at 10am!

Oh yeah - and let's not forget this hottie who wasn't complaining too much when we were checking out the warm ocean =) Only two more days until her birthday! And if she ever found out I put this on here...well let's just say I don't think she'd like the Dominican jails, which might be my only saving grace =)

That's right - I enjoyed myself last night, was fairly early to bed, then sweated it out with the hottie instructor and a fairly full class of Spin participants. And we'll all meet up tomorrow at 10 for another session! Met some fellow hockey fans from Michigan in class (the guy cheered "Go Wings" and I said "yeah - I can appreciate that - I love Steve Yzerman" and now we're friends for life. I think. Well, maybe just tomorrow. When we can sweat our little faces off again!)

Hope you're having a great start of the week. I'm just enjoying a little "After Sun Gel". LOL! Already achieved some color in the pool & shade.
On the way back from the pool, I met a little birdie friend. (or should I say....I like him from far away...)


  1. I WANT TO COME!!!! I grew up in the tropics and seeing all these pictures bring back so many wonderful memories! Good on you for being up on your hockey too LOL! ENJOY!!!

  2. OMG! I stayed at the Moon Palace in Cancun and loved it!!! The food wasn't 5 star at certain places but the rest was! Unfortunately that will be a trip to remember because I lost my engagement ring diamond there!! The place was MASSIVE and I knew there was no way that I was going to find it. But the grace of God was with me that day because my friends went outside to smoke a cigarette and the sun was glaring just right on one of the walkways...and the glare bounced off the gold and they found it!!!!!!! The best (or shall I say worst) thing was that I have it on video!!!!

    Have a nice cold one for me :)

  3. I can't believe you're posting on vacation!!! Silly girl!!! LOL I am soooo jealous of all that blue!!!!! Please have one...okay, several yummy exotic drinks for me :)

  4. Looks sky looks so fabulous!!! Enjoy!


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