Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello friends!

Check out The Sisterhood today to see some dork you may recognize =)

I had the most wonderful jumping lesson last night that I can't wait for my lesson on Thursday. I headed out for a 6.5K jog when I got home and I think it relaxed me for the evening, so I'm going to aim for the same on Thursday before my riding lesson.

Over the weekend, we had a chance to try some Thai food for the first time and I have to say, anyone who can find a way to put coconut milk into pretty much everything might just become my new best friend. Yummmm!

To counteract all that tasty goodness, I signed myself up for the Leduc to Camrose Rona MS Bike Tour on Sunday morning. June 12 & 13th will likely sneak up on me now since I have a bad tendency to slack off until the last minute. Oh well - I'm really looking forward to it and I've had great pledge support from friends & family, which makes it all worthwhile.

After almost four years in our house, we got a quote yesterday for a garage. Pretty much fell in line with our expectations, but I must say, I'm glad MrP's taking the initiative to handle this because he's one picky little bugger! "What's the biggest garage we can get for our lot? What if I want a smaller skirt?" (and that's where I thought he was talking about clothes) He's even asked to have internet & cable run to the garage. WHAT?! It's not likely going to be heated, so PLEASE tell me you're joking, dear husband...because I cannot for the life of me imagine going out to the garage to check out my blogs. Unless you plan on being in the doghouse a lot...which means since we have no dog or doghouse, you'd be relegated to the garage. In that case, order yourself a futon for out there, too because you're well on your way to being relegated to the spare room if this excessive behaviour continues.


  1. You are just delightful!!! I have missed your postings. Looking forward to the sisterhood also.
    Thanks for the laughs sweetie!

  2. Isn't the garage meant to be the mans domain? Somewhere where they can go to feel manly {insert tim the tool man taylor noise here} Don't be surprised if he puts a tv in there and if you can't find him that's most likely where he is!

  3. Hi Tanis!
    I have been waiting for your profile to pop up there :) Ahh, the adventures of home improvements...Know it well. Good luck with all the decision making and I'm looking forward to the new challenges in store for everyone! Have a good day!

  4. ROFL. When I read your post I thought of this YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_zp-I1mQxc you can show Mr. P - just don't tell him where you got it from LOL!

    Hope it links. I'll also e-mail it to you just in case.

    Glad your jumping lesson went so well. It is truly amazing to watch such a large animal and their rider sail over a jump. Hope the next lesson is as rewarding :D

  5. LOL it sounds like he's planning a man's room...cable? I'm sure it will have a fridge and heater and comfy chair :) You still sound like one busy girl!!! Found a great scrapbooking store in Langley...about 45 mins outside of Vancouver...dropped a bundle there today!! LOL


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