Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's almost D-Day

Well, in my little world, anyways. I write my midterm exam for Financial Accounting tomorrow...yikes! I'm only a month behind. Oh well - at least after I pay for my extension, I should be in good shape and be able to keep up.

How's everyone doing? We ate our way through the middle of the month with our Love is Free Edmonton event and supper at Madison's grill, so on Saturday, as a *fingers crossed* successful exam celebration, we're attending Winefest...three hours of reds, whites, sparkling, ice and ports from around the globe. I'm excited, but first I need to pass my test =)

A few friends and I have decided to try our hand at the 2 day, 185km MS Bike tour (in which, at least two of us will be enjoying the ride on mountain bikes with semi-slick tires). June seems like it's far enough out, but MrP had me worrying that I was biting off more than I could chew on the weekend. That seems to be quite common lately, so as I keep finding myself saying....'we'll see'!

Less than two weeks to go for my 10K run - for which I haven't done any training. Yep - I expect to be half dead on March 14! But that's alright...because on the 20th, I'll head out with my mom to the Dominican Republic for a week of sun & relaxation. Too bad nobody warned me about the insane cost of vaccinations that I had my rude awakening with yesterday. LOL! Seriously - I'm glad I'm not 'caving', as that would require a rabies vaccination - for about $245. I mean, yes, a lot of health plans cover the costs, but I was still surprised when I had a bill for $370, but I guess I won't die of Tetnus/Polio/Diptheria, come back with a case of The Hep...or have the incredibly unenjoyable case of Rangoon Runs (yep - that was the funniest of the names I found for TD, which apparently affects 20-50% of international travellers - and since I have a normally finicky stomach of late, I wasn't taking any chances). Note to self: don't Google vaccinations for anywhere or you'll just convince yourself that you're going to die regardless of what vaccinations you get.

Anyways - just wanted to let y'all know I'm alive and will be around for some blog visiting once my exam is over!!


  1. Glad to hear you are alive and well, Tannis :D Lucky you getting to go to the DR!! Enjoy som sun, surf and sand as well as tropical fruits for me. I grew up in the tropics and miss those things. Good on you for doing the bike tour. We had an office team of 8 that would compete in a charity ride over three days and they just loved doing it every year. Best of luck on your exam!!!

  2. I think if you go to one of those resort type places you will be ok...I always figure if I'm not gonna drink the water (or ice), it's just another excuse for wine and beer consumption :) Good luck with the studing and marathon prep. You will be long as the bike ride isn't all up hill! Take care Tanis...always good to hear from you!

  3. Good Luck with the exam...sending you lots of positive thoughts.

  4. good luck on your exam girl!!!! You'll rock it.


  5. Hey happy to hear from you today!!! You're such a busy girl. Good luck with your exam! I'm sure you will do fine. No wonder you have a hard time keeping up with the studies though. Travelling and bike tours and marathons....can take up a lot of time. Do vaccinations really cost that much!!! WOW! Are your raising money for the bike tour? Let me know, it's a cause that hits close to home. I've been meaning to email you the last few days. Please send me your address (again). I've got a card to send you!!

  6. Good luck Tanny! You'll do great!
    Ah, the cost of health care... crazy....
    You are one busy lady :) Best wishes in all your other events - make sure you enjoy that vacation and relax!

  7. all the best and good luck on your test!! sounds like you've managed a little bit of tasting is ALWAYS fun!! LOL take care and we'll catch up later :) I promise not to look up!

  8. I am sure your exam turned out great! Good luck in your runs! Hey, I'll see you on Monday with big smiles!
    Kim xXx


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