Thursday, March 11, 2010

I made a card last night!

HAHA - you thought I was going to show it to you....

First time in my craft area in ages - even MrP was surprised when he got home and I was down there! But don't get too's not like you get to see it - for a week. Anyways, it got some crafty juices flowing, so my hope is that I'll find some time this weekend to do a little more playing in preparation for the Sisterhood's upcoming challenges (especially since I will be sunning myself the week of the second challenge). I'm really hoping Punta Cana is toasty warm while I'm there. Because this looks too awesome.

I have MrP calling two other places today about garages. I'm having no part in this madness. I'll sign the cheque for it...and hide in my cool basement with a blanket and the 50" plasma that MrP 'conned' me into because he so needed it. Or something like that. *insert eye roll* Sadly, for as much as I complain about the gadgetry he's fought for, there's a lot of it that I would never in a million years return. Like the remote that I choked on when I found out what he spent 'our' Christmas money from his Dad on. I told everyone about this ridiculous remote and how silly he was and yet, who's the one who insisted we get another for the other main tv when we replaced it with the new one? That'd be me. I don't even know how to function with a regular universal remote anymore. It's pathetic and I really should hang my head in shame, but I have a cool, nerdy remote, so whatevs!

I think I was just scammed this morning by my crazy athletic runner/biker friend. Instead of a brisk walk of 15kms for the Canada Day Road Race, we're going to run it. Well, sorta. She's recovering from some serious biking injuries (told you not to be so crazy, S!) that required surgery, so we're going to take it slow and steady with a walk/run combo that we should be able to survive. It's always a great way to start July 1st, but it is early and MrP will be just waking up by the time we finish, I suspect.

For all my Canadian friends, check out this LA Times article. I'm a sad sack and got teary reading it. Sure does make me proud to be Canadian =)

Anyways, I'm really loving rambling lately, so I hope you have a wonderful Mini Friday (it really is my Friday this week since I'm off tomorrow...with ZERO!) And tonight, my makeup riding lesson. Could the weekend be any more fabulous? Not unless you were here to craft with me, my friends!


  1. ah, you had me going with the hint of a card!! I saw the new nesties in Vancouver but they were over priced so I'm going to get them online :) I loved the article too, thanks for sending it!! I also noticed how polite I am...I say thank-you for every little thing waiters do in a restaurant...although, that's just good manners :) Good luck with the garage...we hope to build in the next year or so...we've been sitting on a lot for 4 years and yeah, there are some things Tony will be in charge of...driveway, basement (all I said was I need a very large studio with a sink!), etc. Have a lovely Friday...I'm doing my taxes and stamping...that's on my list tomorrow :) My taxes don't take long and I always get a refund so there's an incentive!! hugs!!

  2. Glad to see your getting back in the saddle of crafting, I have missed you.

  3. Hi there Chickie :) Exciting that you are back to card making...I need to do less of that and more moving around. Stamping is definately not butt friendly! LOL! Have a good weekend!

  4. Can't wait to see what you've made :) dipped into that PTI goodness yet? Had to post that article on my Facebook Page.

    I'm not doing much crafting since my head still hurts but it's nice to sit and read a book once in while too.

  5. Okay, now I have tears running down my cheekds thanks to that wonderful article from the LA Times!! I wish you could have been in Vancouver during the Olympic, Tanny, as it was everything this man described. The atmosphere was simply amazing, the warm openness of everyone you ran into was simply amazing. Yup, I AM CANADIAN and proud of it!!

    Glad you get some wonderful R & R this weekend - looking forward to seeing some yummy eye candy posted soon :D


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