Sunday, August 30, 2009

Special Stamping Guest!

She doesn't know it, but these two beauties have gotten Chelsey into my stamping hall o' fame =)

We received the first one from her on Thursday when I went for a much needed (and in my opinion, deserved) pedi with her. It's the sweet card she made for MrP on the loss of his Grandmother.
The second was my fabulous birthday card from this year! Shouldn't she have her own blog?! I thought so, too!

Chelsey, Chelsey, Chelsey....
(Plus, she's a SU! Demo, so'd just be good business practice!)

In the meantime, she can be my special features genius. Although I'm sure if I continue to post her cards, you'll find mine just that much less interesting. Oh well. It's worth it for my bestest buddy.


  1. Definitely encourage Chelsey to put up her own blog - her cards are beautiful!

  2. Yes, she needs her own blog...the birthday card is so fun!! Thanks for the award awhile back...did I thank-you earlier...I hope so :) I'm paying it forward today...I couldn't give it back to you ;)

  3. She really needs to get a blog! These are awesome! Don't worry Tanis, your cards are just as lovely!

  4. These are both AMAZING ... YES ... she needs her own blog!!! Don't worry Tanis ... your cards can stand for themselves on the creative masterpieces shelf!!!

  5. You brat!!!
    You're lucky you're out of town or there would be some a** kicking. LOL.
    Since these are on the internet you probably should mention that I CASE'd the top one from SCS but I can't remember where exactly so if someone recognizes it maybe they can let you know so you can give proper credit.
    Too bad the foil on the 28's doesn't photograph well. It looks pretty cool IRL, I think.

  6. Chelsea, you definitely need a blog. Your work is fabulous. Love both of your cards. Thanks so much for sharing them, Tanny!


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