Thursday, August 20, 2009

Falcon Sitting

We're kitty sitting for friends (who are getting married in Tofino this weekend!) and I told them I'd update on their sweet ol' boy, Falcon, so in case they were worried, they could have easy updates.

C&I - he's doing great! Had a healthy appetite (ate about half of the tin immediately) and does appear to be drinking a lot. Washed, rinsed & refilled the sweetie's water and he got some cuddles (well, as many cuddles as you can give the skinny dude without thinking you might hurt him) =) Changed litter (as you said, C, lots of visits with all that water), but The Falc is doing well and I'm sure missing you....not much longer and you'll both be Clarks...assuming she says yes!

Hope you're having a blast!

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