Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Day, Another Card

Okay - not just another day! My wonderful sister decided to surprise MrP and I with our Christmas present a little early this year, promising an experience of a lifetime. Well, I love my sister, but when she says something like that, then chuckles all the while after I agree to give this experience a go, it makes me a little anxious. She does, afterall, have a wicked sense of humor. I half expected a Fear Factor-esque gift.

Nope - she outdid herself on this one! Along with the help of Try
That (The Experience Company), we're going to be trying our hand at Stock Car Driving! One of my first questions - is it a standard?! HAHA! At the ripe age of 28, I have yet to learn to drive a stick shift. I tried a couple of times in high school with friends. Jason? Sorry about the ground out gears. Amanda? I apologize for stalling more than a kid with a bedtime 10 minutes ago. But you did own a Taurus....which is technically a family car, so that's my justification. Had your parents bought you a sports car, well let's just say I think that's more my style.

Anywho, sometime this summer, MrP and I will be off and racing. Please don't judge me when I only manage to get to about 15km/hr! Thanks MamaBear (I've decided to call you MamaBear because you have three little cubs that I adore the crap out of...if you'd prefer I use your real name, well you can take it up with the complaint office at the right)

Finally, I dedicate my lawn work last night to K-Dawg, who managed to separate his shoulder last night and had to be hauled to the hospital with sirens blaring (Actually, I don't know if they had sirens going, but in my mind, there were sirens....I'll confirm with Chelsey on that). I did some thatching and lawn mowing before I drop spread fertilizer and grass seed. Finished up just as the heavens opened up on that home in the hole known as Millwoods. To you, K-Dawg, I dedicate my lawn. May it grow & heal like your busted up shoulder. Get resting!

Without further ado (since the card should be on it's way to it's intended destination), my Verve Sketch 3 card from June (that I just finished on Sunday)...

Stamps: Like a Tree
Paper: Pink Pirouette, Chocolate Chip, Whisper White,
Ink: Pink Pirouette, Chocolate Chip Craft
Accessories: Clear Embossing Powder, Chocolate Chip Grosgrain

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