Friday, June 19, 2009

River House Grill

If you're ever in St. Albert, give this place a go! We went there for supper tonight in our attempt to try a new place each month and what a success.

While my fire roasted red pear, feta, pecan, lettuce & 2 balsamics salad was delish, next time I'll definitely be giving the Zesty Caesar salad a go! MrP's was yummeroo. The tenderloin had blue cheese on top, putting the steak over the top for me, but they do put on a great rub while cooking the steak and while tasty, it contains celery seeds. This was MrP's only complaint. His ribeye was flavorful and had a great reduction. I wish I'd taken my camera because the presentation was beautiful.

To finish, the fruit-ladden creme brulee was really good, but for me....the macaroon was the most amazing part. I think I'll call & see if I can just buy macaroons there. Mmmm...coconutty goodness galore. MrP enjoyed a berry & rhubarb crisp, saying that it was great, but as usual, lacking in ice cream for his preferences (most places don't do the generous ice cream servings like we do at home...and as a result, force us to hit the gym). Anyways, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the atmosphere & service were very nice. Give it a try =)

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