Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Wow – last night was a late one! My riding lesson was extra busy (our usual class is about four of us, plus one on occasion). I thought the class max was 6…apparently it’s okay for the Barn Manager to dump in 4 additional “make up lesson” people for a crowded 10 horses & riders in the smaller indoor arena. Had it been the outdoor, it might have been a little windy, but at least we wouldn’t have had some near death crashes. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. But we did transition to walks to change directions.

My assigned horse, Trapper, was especially ornery, having been ridden earlier and thought he had his workout for the day. I can’t really blame him….I can get cranky with too much exercise, too. His robust form, however, has leaned up and you can actually see muscles, unlike the first time I rode him in April when he looked like he was about to birth a set of Pillsbury dough-horse twins.

I did manage to keep my knee this week, which is always nice. When he’s tired and grumpy, he usually tries to rub me off against the wall. Maybe it’s the threat of his nose being ground off like a lemon on a zester, but he didn’t try to take me out at all! Maybe because of his earlier workout, he wasn’t the freight train that he sometimes can be when he hears the hoofbeats of another horse coming up behind. I call it off the track Thoroughbred mentality…maybe it’s just my wishing to be a jockey. HAHA At any rate, when we walked, we did our best
Quarter Horse impression.

By the end of the lesson, we’d jumped our course twice and did it with more flare than usual (yay me!), managing to somewhat look like we belonged in the class instead of one for morons who haven’t ridden for ten plus years. To the other riders from last night, I apologize for making you look like amateurs. Clearly, Trapper and I are on our way to super stardom in the Professional Rubbish Spewer Master classes. =)

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