Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyone's a Farmer

I grew up with grandparents who lived on acreages and the weather was always a big topic of conversation. By the time I hit my teenage years and worked in retail at a farm supply store, I'd decided that it didn't matter the weather - nobody was happy. "Too dry" "Too much rain" "Not enough sun" "Too hot" You really can't win. And while I've all but left my country roots, living in big city Edmonton, it seems that the weather complaining doesn't stop.

I'm not saying I don't sympathize with the plight of the farmers a little south of us, who've basically declared a state of emergency with their drought-ridden fields. I have the utmost respect for them and I feel terribly for their situation. Honestly! I also, however, see my coworkers in the office in a constant state of b*)#%ing about the lack of rain/too much rain/lack of sun/too much sun and it makes me snicker.

Mmmmm....snickers. Chocolate. Peanuts. Oh I really need to make that loaf!

Anyways, just a random realization - no matter where I go, I'll likely never escape weather-whiners.

How do I avoid complaining about the weather? Sign up for an indoor Reformer Pilates class. Yay July!

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