Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something new

Anyone wanna take a guess at what's new? I bought myself a little crafting present for my birthday in April and while it hasn't been used much and I have lots to learn, I'm loving playing =)

I used last week's Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge 115 for the layout and a color combo from last week's Moxie Fab World Trigger Tuesday to creat this card for one of my barn girls who just graduated from University. It's not too girly but it sticks with the sketch and colors =)

One more day to physio update....yahoo! Fingers crossed for Sunday - two weeks behind in my long runs and I feel like I'm a month behind already.


  1. The stitching looks great and adds a nice bit of texture :) Way to go on the Moxie Fab challenge too...Very fab indeed! She will love it!

  2. Love how you used the colours, Tanny :) The pops of red are great against the grey and the stitching is a lovely touch. I'm sure your barn girl will be touched to receive it.

  3. hmm...is that stitching new? ACK!! Don't you love the new texture it gives cards!! I'm no seamstress...I just keep to straight and zigzag!! LOL What a lovely card and you've nailed that colour challenge :)

  4. I'm with Maureen - is it the stitching?!?! It looks so FABULOUS! It really adds quite a bit to a card without doing a whole lot sometimes :) Love your take on the Moxie Fab challenge! Your friend will love this I'm sure!!!


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