Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting back into some craft time

And I loved it....but what I did not love was the reason why...I have an injury. Not sure how it happened or when - I've had some tenderness in the last couple of weeks but it's fine after rest...until now. On Friday night, I had to sit down and ice my ankle area instead of helping MrP get the house ready for the party.

The ol' Google suspects it may be achilles tendonitis, but I'm going to see if I can get into a physiotherapist asap for an appraisal. I was not happy about having to sit out this week's long run and it makes me even more depressed to think I may be sidelined any longer. We'll see how it goes.

Anyways, now that I'm done whining, I did enjoy my crafting time and had to use my super sweet To The Moon set by Verve for another baby card that I'm planning on shipping off tomorrow to my cousin along with a little something something to prepare her for her soon to arrive first son.

I used the first new Viva La Verve May 2011 Challenge Sketch and the Color Challenge #230 from SCS - Certainly Bashful Breezes.

MrP liked this baby card much better than the last one, so I'll take it as a win =)

Finally, I wanted to share the most awesome organization gift that Chelsey gave me for my birthday...a storage unit that holds ink, reinkers AND markers. I only filled a few in to show since it has yet to be mounted, but holy man....I love it! Thanks, Chels!!


  1. oh, wow! Sa-weet ink holder!! I know exactly how it feels to get a great piece of organizational help in the studio! AND sa-weet little boy card. I love how you stamped the background with the snips and snails stamp :) Although you will have more inky time, no fun being "benched!" Especially with all your activities and new bike! Rest up and let it heal!! hugs...

  2. Cute little baby card! Love Emery hanging out of the frame and what a perfect colour combo too. So sorry to hear about your injury....not fun when you are in the middle of training. Rest is a good thing (said in my best mommy voice LOL!) Hoping the physio can get you up and back at it sooner than later! Keep us posted on the official diagnosis - or should I say confirmation of diagnosis ;)

    As for the ink organizer - LOVE it!! What a fabulous organizational addition to you craft room. Have a great week.

  3. Oooh keep us posted on how you're doing :( I hope it heals quickly and isn't serious...Adorable card! Love the soft colors and the little embossed dots are perfect on a baby card! Thanks for showing off your fab gift too. Frankly, a little!

  4. Oh my - that organizer kicks major butt!!! WOW!!! And how about that sweet baby card?!?! FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!! Glad you got some inky time although it sounds like a painful way to get it!!! Ouch!!! Hope you road to recovery is short and smooth!!!


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