Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Viva

The sketch for Viva La Verve's May Week 4 just screamed to be used as MrP's birthday card, so here is what I came up with. I used just a touch of bling (rhinestones, liquid pearls to the cake and some glitz to the flames) and some twine to add a little something something, but I hope he likes it. He'll get it tomorrow before his birthday supper.

He's asked for no gifts and instead - just a supper out at a restaurant of his choice tomorrow - but we found out about a local foodie event and I got it as MrP's gift. So on Saturday night, one of the local 'chains', Century Hospitality Group, had their Top Chef finale competition. It started with 16 contestants, young Cooks and Sous Chefs from their five restaurants, and they cooked their way down to two. The finale entailed the young chefs cooking for not only the four judges, as previous levels, but a group of sixty other ticket-purchasing guests, as well. We had a fabulous time - and though our nominee wasn't the winner (her appy and dessert were far superior, but I guess the other attendees held her entree against her?! Or they just loved the young redhead, Ben!), we wined & dined and hope to attend in the future if they continue with the competition.

I was out for 5.5K of running on Friday, followed by 28K of biking and my Achilles was doing well, so I followed that up with a 33K ride in Devon on Saturday and a 6K run yesterday and I question whether it's healed up even stronger because it didn't give me an ounce of trouble. Maybe all those stretches & exercises I've been following from the physiotherapist are working =) Tomorrow is 5K and Wednesday is back for my *hopefully* last physio appointment. In less than two weeks, I'll participate in my second MS Bike Tour - about 165kms of riding in two days. Yay! In the meantime (today) I'll be taking the night off, buying a 4-H steer on behalf of my company. Hopefully this year it won't result in tears like the sale two years ago - for the seller or the buyer ;)

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. What an AWESOME birthday card for Mr. P!!! I LOVE the liquid pearls!!! This ROCKS!!! So glad to hear your achilles is doing better!! YAY! You are my fitness guru!
    Hope the steer buying experience goes well :)

  2. Awesome card! I love how the liquid pearls looks like frosting...So cool! Not only can you decorate cakes in real life, you can make paper ones too :) Sounds like your dinner was fun and memorable!

  3. You ROCKED this sketch, Tanis!! LOVE the colours you used and the liquid pearls on the cake are a must in my books! Loving the looped twine in the button too. I'm sure MrP is going to love it! Happy Birthday to him from BC :) and enjoy your night out.

    SO glad to hear your Achilles is not bothering you and you can get back to your work outs! Go kick some serious butt on that MS Bike Tour :)

  4. What a fabulous card, it is really elegant. Love the embossing. Thank you for your nice comment on my card. Hugs xxx

  5. oh, I love the bling and twine on this one! What a super FUN birthday gift!! That would have been so cool! Glad to hear you are healing...but still be careful!! I'm one to talk, going to the gym everyday this week!! The back's better and the cold is over! oh YA!!


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