Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey Gorilla...

Alright - I must admit, I loved my project last week (probably because it was edible), but I also know that the challenge this week is a recipe...and that's a real challenge that I struggle with! The ladies over at the Digital-Ink Co Challenge Blog have got some great things to show you with their creations using an image from Jules Junk.

This image has a lot of sentimental value for me...I 'commissioned' it! On SNR, Julie was looking for suggestions and the bonus of offering up an idea was that you got it. Well, in our house, one of the nicknames we use is "gorilla". Don't ask me how we started that, but it's stuck. So MrP's challenge to me was to create an anniversary card with a gorilla. Have you got any idea how hard a gorilla stamp is to find? Let me tell you from experience, it's a challenge. So I put it out there and Julie did it up like a pro!

So MrP gets his gorilla anniversary card and I get some fun coloring and a unique story! Get your own grrrilla here! The other design team members may not have the custom stamp I do, but they have really got some awesome recipe creations! Any idea what the recipe is? Well if you guessed fabric (I used felt flowers), bow, button &'d be right.

Boni, Darlene, Diane, Jackie, Micki, Raquel, Teri, Jennifer & Kim

Head on over to the Challenge Blog and get your fabric-filled, bow-bedazzled, button-bonused, glitter-gushing entry in for your chance to win this week. Remember to use DIC007 if you're uploading to SCS or another online gallery and be sure to use Mr. Linky so we can check out your creations - and you've got a chance to win!

Oh yeah - and Happy Anniversary to my favorite gorilla!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I think your card is cuuuuute as can be! That paper is yummy, love the felt flower, and your big guy is just perfect! You rock!
    Kim xXx

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love the dots and dashes around the layered background!

  3. Fabulous! Love what you did with this image - well done you!
    Teri x

  4. Tanis, I love this image, but would never have imagined this image on an elegant card. I couldn't figure out how to make it less 'jungle' like. Your card is so elegant, yet totally works with this image. KWIM? Love it! (Jules, did a fabulous job, didn't she?)


  5. Aw, that's so sweet :) Happy Anniversary! He has to love his's perfect! What a lot of work you did to find the perfect image...maybe I should get a moose for my husband (the hunter!!) Do you do traditional wedding gifts? I do but my husband doesn't...we're a perfect match!!

  6. Ah I love your gorilla story - we used to use the word gorilla as our secret code word with the kids when they were little. If someone came to pick them up from school that they weren't used to being picked up by etc they would ask them the code word and if they got they went and if they didn't they ran and told a teacher. I love your gorilla and your "fabric" LOL totally love the story and the fact that it's your Anniversary!! Yay!!! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Sorry I'm so late commenting! This is AWESOME and how wonderful that Jules was able to accommodate you in time for Mr. P's amazing anniversary creation! Your coloring is fantastic and I just love this card!! Well done!!

  8. Oh wow that's cool! Great job on coloring it! Animals are hard to do but you did fabulous! Love the card! : )

  9. Great fun card Tanishe looks like my first husband ...god rest his sole, bless him.
    Happy Anniversary great term of endearment
    I call Garry monkey face he looks nothing like a monkey it was just a joke that stuck !!lol
    Have a great day
    Love Susie xx

  10. Tanis doll,

    I so love your work. They way you can bring out the very best of a stamp is amazing!! Totallya awesome gf!


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