Saturday, October 22, 2011

Starting out with the Breakfast of Champions

Friday morning, we were up early enough to make our way to Dottie's True Blue Cafe (which can be seen on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives) before the crazy lineups started - just in time, actually! While MrP had french toast and a cinnamon pecan roll to go, I had bacon, eggs and a side of grilled jalapeno cornbread. That cornbread was quite possibly the best carbs I have had so far =) I also picked up a coconut honey muffin for the road.

Then it was a change of clothes and off to Alamo Square to meet up with Tanner and Daniel from Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours. It was a family of four from Texas and us, along with the two tour guides, so it was very personal and we thoroughly enjoyed our time on the tour.

We checked out San Francisco's most famous Painted Ladies (which is a term to describe any of three or more Victorian style houses in a row that are different colors). The "Full House" row of homes is actually so famous that the facades of these homes are upkept by the city.

Check out this shoe garden in Alamo Square...crazy! It changes all the time. It started when the groundskeeper couldn't bring himself to toss the shoes that were left behind and now people always leave shoes there to grow the garden.

 The gentleman who owns this home is a painter and will help you with choosing colors for your victorian painted lady. I think I'd trust him....his place is beautiful!

We biked along the panhandle (oldest part of Golden Gate Park) and then into the park itself to the Conservatory of Flowers.

and then made our way over to the California Academy of Sciences (MrP and I visited there last time!) and the de Young Museum.

Next it was off to Haight & Ashbury, the heart of the hippie movement back in the day, where I enjoyed this graffiti.

Finally, we hit up The Mission district to see the Clarion Alley Mural Project before heading back to Alamo Square.

From there, we needed to grab a quick, light bite before going back to our hotel area for mbassages, so we listened to Daniel's recommendation and headed to Bar Jules in Hayes Valley, a great sustainable eatery that features fresh from the market goodies daily. I had a butter lettuce salad with aged cheddar and jonagold apples while the man had a burger and salad.

We showered and changed, then went for massages at Jade Skin Spa (where I'd picked up Livingsocial deals before we left home and booked), so we enjoyed those immensely. After massages, time for Off The Grid, a food truck meet up.

Delicious eats from The Taco Guys (Maui Fish Taco)

Brass Knuckle (Notorious PIG Sandwich)

Sum Good Eats (Mac N Cheese Spring Rolls & Housemade Twinkies)

Nicely staged twinkie (courtesy of MrP)

Nicely bitten twinkie (courtesy of me - cuz that's the way I roll!)

Cupkates had to be tried, as well - red velvet and salted caramel. Yum!

And of course, The Creme Brulee Cart (a Honey Vanilla Bean and a Mexican Chocolate)

To get back to the hotel, what's more San Francisco than the world famous Tolleys?! Despite knowing it would be a crazy packed ride, we went with the trolley over the bus for the simple fact that they're just FUN!

We hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. What a wonderful set of pictures/tour you have provided for all of us. I feel like I was on the bikes with you LOL! My hubby loves watching DDandD - such a fun show. Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

  2. What amazing pictures!! Wow, that blue sky!! I haven't been to SF since 1992 with 2 these are taking me back to fun memories...LOVE SF too :) I think when Tony and I eventually make it there, we'll have to take you two as tour guides!! You are doing it right! Have a safe trip home :) hugs!

  3. Those pictures of your tour are beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing day, the sky was so blue! Thanks for all the photos of the amazing food truck eats too. I could almost (almost) taste it through my screen!

  4. Oh Tanny! Those pictures are just too fabulous!!! And YUM!!! Yeah, that's the way I'd roll too ;) I love those beautiful painted ladies! Looks like an awesome trip so far!!! Gosh I love your photo journals!


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