Monday, October 24, 2011

Couldn't ask for more on Day 4

Our fourth day started out like the last two - a cup of Fage yogurt, which I always see US food bloggers raving about - and I must say, we love it, too. It's thick and delicious and very protein-rich, which is a must for me!

Then it was off to the Exploratorium, which is a fun and friendly way to mix science into anyone's life. It's located at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, which really is a thing of beauty.

Palace Pond

Mallards (MrP loved 'em)

Inside the hologram triangle

This was the funniest had a wall in the middle and had to come up with a design, then describe it to the other person and see what they came up with. This was my design is at the bottom. Apparently I don't communicate well because MrP's is at the top.
(I think he intentionally did his own !)

This was MrP's turn to describe. (His is on top)
Apparently he's a LITTLE better at describing. LOL

The 'offensive' water fountain
(apparently a social experiment - people either find it offensive or love it)

On the bus to the start of our Gourmet Walk in Hayes Valley

Smitten Ice Cream - Fresh Mint with Tcho Chocolate Chips

The Kelvin Machines at Smitten
 (four proprietary ice cream machines that use liquid nitrogen to make the ice cream)

Second stop on the Tour was Fatted Calf for Charcuterie
(I thought Connie deSousa of Charcut in Calgary would love this place!)

Sales counter

Charcuterie Plates
Orange Salumi, Cabernet Salumi, a nasty one that I can't remember Soprasetta (MrP's got a good memory for food), then Spanish-style Chorizo and Beef Jerky (plus olives)

Hayes Valley Farm in the heart of the city (supported by the city)
In 2012, 1/2 of the farm is scheduled for condos, which has always been known

True Sake, the first Sake only store in US
created by a guy from Ohio with the means & love of sake to do it

Next tasting stop - Frjtz for Belgian Fries

They had 10 different ketchups & mayos for tasting with the fries

Another Miette visit (this time in Hayes Valley),
but this time it was pistachio and coffee macarons

Check out those cupcakes - they called MrP's name

He skipped the macarons and went for the carrot cake cupcake
which he says was absolutely delish!

Next stop was Christopher Elbow for truffles

and boy did they have a selection!

We tried the Rosemary Caramel and the Salted Caramel
(I also picked up a fig & port and a passion fruit caramel to take home)

Things of beauty!
They remind me of Jacek Couture Chocolates at home.

Our second last stop was Arlequin for a cheese platter

A small taste of each cheese, some really delicious almonds and apples/grapes, paired with a dashh of a local Chardonnay and it was off for our final stop

Smuggler's Cove is a Tiki Bar of the best kind...
over 300 flavors of rum makes them the largest rum bar in the country!
I can't recall the name of this drink, but it started with a P Pupule and featured some awesome spices. From their website: One of Donn’s earliest drinks from his Hollywood outpost, this is a well-spiced delight bursting with allspice, cinnamon, and vanilla, refreshingly lengthened with lime and orange, and aged Virgin Islands rum.This is a very celebrated bar, so if you get a chance, make sure to check them out!

We also enjoyed a Demerara Dry Float  (Warning: This drink can lead you down a road to ruin. Only you decide how far to travel. Exotic fruits and rich demerara rum served with a side of danger.) and a Sidewinder's Fang (As it used to be at the legendary Lanai restaurant in San Mateo, a concoction of lime, orange, all natural passion fruit syrup, dark Jamaican rum, and our Silver Reserve rum. Beware this serpent’s bite!)

From Hayes Valley, we made the short walk  (about 1.5 miles) to the Mission to visit Tartine Bakery for supper

We shared a Spicy Turkey Sandwich
Peppered turkey breast, provolone, broccoli rabe pesto

Pecan Pie and Macaroon

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

Check out that selection!

And while we were in the area, Bi-Rite Creamery
(which had a relatively short line, thankfully!)

Salted Caramel Ice Cream
A great way to finish up a day (and the start of a long way back to the hotel)

The day was a fabulous (albeit quite long one). MrP had sore feet and wasn't sure how I was standing (given my 5K run to start the day) but we had a great time! The next day is our last in San Fransicso and should be a relaxing one to finish up our visit =)


  1. You were busy!! SO many fun places you saw though. Loved walking the day with you :) Enjoy your last day!!

  2. Another Gourmet Tour - WOW, this really is the place for me! Awesome pics Tanny, even the done in which you are sporting the Pats shirt ;) Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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