Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 3 - Works for Me!

On what could likely be our most casual day in San Francisco to date, we had a fabulous sleep in morning. I mean, I slept for 11 hours! That NEVER happens at home. I have too much to get done. When I'm on vacation, though, I do love to get my rest time in and Saturday was no exception. After lounging around and watching some A-Team (I don't even think Bradley Cooper could save what I saw of that movie), we headed to Boudin Bakery so MrP could have his much beloved turkey sandwich on sourdough. I find sourdough to be one of the most offensive breads on earth, but for some reason, in F'risco, I don't find it nearly as nasty. In fact, I dare say I enjoy it. It seems more mild?! Anyways, after an early lunch, we hit up Macy's so I could attempt to find some new clothes. I wasn't nearly as successful as MrP was at North Face, but I did find two Lucky shirts and a pair of Nike running tights on sale. MrP also picked up my Anniversary card that he'd forgot to get before leaving. LOL!

Checking for internet service

Eventually, it was time for our ULTRA Chocolate Tour with Marnie, our tour guide from Gourmet Walks.

The tour started with Chocolate Martinis at Le Meridien Hotel.

From there, it was on to Leonidas, a belgian chocolatier for
hot chocolate and hazelnut truffles
(blecht in my opinion because I hate hazelnuts, but yummy in MrP's)

Tour so far gets two thumbs up ;)
What a dork!

We then made our way to Fog City News, which started as an old school news stand, but now carries one of the top selections of the finest chocolate bars available from around the world.
He was intrigued by the Canadians and had many questions for us, including hockey and football. He thought how we cheer was weird (anybody but Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto for hockey) and we thought how he cheered was weird (a mix of Boston & NY teams, growing up in Connecticut)
(We took the photo afterhours as the tour guide said they're a bit protective of idea stealing?!?!)

A stop at Racchinti for truffles (which were consumed later with our wine)
MrP  & I also picked up some salted caramel chocolates.

Scharffen Berger was the next stop on the tour (also in the Ferry Building)

for a couple tastes including their Nibby Bar (what they're famous for)

Here we had two macarons - a Chocolate and a Hazelnut
(Yes, I ate it...despite my dislike of the darn nut)

Since MrP doesn't like macarons (and hopes they never replace the cupcake in popularity simply because they don't have cream cheese frosting), he shared his with me and instead had an ice cream sandwich, which he really did love!

Hilarious named pizza joint on our tour that we didn't visit, but all decided to take pictures of for future pizza needs =)

Our last stop of the night, Blanc et Rouge for some wine pairings - count me in!

Finally, we had white chocolate and our three truffles from Racchinti, paired with a Spanish Cava, a local Gewurztraminer, a local Cab Franc and a Port.

We had to get a photo with our fantastic tour guide, Marnie
AKA The Albino Dwarf as the kids in school teased her

Finally, since we had nothing but time, we walked around and made our way to the flagship Williams Sonoma on Union Square, where MrP played with some fine metal. This knife truly is a work of a fabulous price of $999.99!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time :) You are going to have to run another marathon to burn off all those calories from the chocolate and good food you have eaten on this trip LOL! Just teasing :)

    For the record, I love sour dough bread (enjoying some cranberry sourdough from Cobbs breads tonite with dinner) and hazelnuts too....think I can forgive you for not liking them wink, wink.

    Love the shorter hair style your sporting! Looks fabulous! Thanks for keeping us posted on your wonderful adventures. Love seeing the pictures :)

  2. What a ridiculously awesome tour! All that chocolate looks sooooo GOOD! And then paired with a wine tasting is just over the top :) If this was the only thing you did on the vaca it would soo be worth! Ok, off to read some more of your posts...

  3. A CHOCOLATE TOUR?!?! Are you kidding?! What heaven is this? Looks AMAZING!! The hubs is beside me and I'm discussing a trip to San Fran as we speak - perhaps I can sell him on the chocolate tour!?!


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