Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sparkling Diva Mojo

I wanted to submit for the Get Your Diva On Challenge and used the Mojo Monday 178 sketch, but I'm not sure I like the final product. It's sparkly and has the colors I intended, but maybe it's the way the ink went on the stamps that I'm not in love with?! Either way, my niece, who's a huge fan of sparkle and pink will get this for her birthday in August unless someone else lucks out first (read: has a birthday that I'm unprepared for). LOL!

The inspiration photo for the Get Your Diva on challenge instantly made me think of Maureen and her hot pink perfection every time she puts ink to paper. I wish I'd had some sheer ribbon like that gorgeous napkin wrapping ribbon. Gorgeous! Next trip to Mikeys might have some searching going on.

Oh - and as you can see - I survived my first schooling show in ~13 years!

Our earnings

I took Candid in the 2' Hunter Division and we placed fourth in the Hunt Seat Equitation (which was nice since he was really outstanding for most of it, then wouldn't pick up the right lead going clockwise and made a real performance of it. Had we been in a dressage show to display passage, we just might have won), then fourth in the Hunter Hack over Fences. The third round we may have been in contention for but I screwed up and did a bending line (jumper move) and went over the wrong fence at the second jump, cancelling our ribbon placement. But we won when it counted - first place in the Hunter Stakes class - which got us a beautiful red ribbon and $55 ($5 for every person in the class!) That was long winded and over described, but I was super excited about beating those kids so thanks for indulging me. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I'm hoping to get in some more crafting time tonight and tomorrow since we have an extra long weekend with Family Day on Monday.


  1. That card oozes little, pink, pink girly girl :) I'm sure she will love it. Also reminds me of Maureen too LOL! Great use of the mojo sketch as well.

    A HUGE CONGRATS on your placements!!! Consider yourself hugged (or better yet, get MrP to give you a huge hug from me). You go girl :) Way to show those youngsters what you're made of! We you riding Zeus or do you have a different horse to do this with? Only know a little "horse talk" but from what I do know sounds like you did wonderfully well. Enjoy your crafty time. I'm hoping my happy mail arrived too.

  2. congrats, Tanis!!! You go girl!! LOVE all the pink and glitter here and I hope you did submit it for the challenge :) You are too sweet with your comments :) Enjoy the Family Day while we here in B.C. suffer through a cold and dreary day :( No luck for us and a Feb. holiday...darn government!! lol

  3. Love your sugary sweet card and she will too... Reminds me of yummy bubble gum :) Cograts on the winnings, you should be excited! Great acomplishment. I have no idea what family day is, but it's Presidents day in the States today, so it's a work holiday for my hubby and we wasted the morning watching movies :) Hope your day is a good one as well!

  4. YAY!!! Way to go!! It makes me miss riding SOOO much! I remember my first schooling show.... memories! It was a hunt seat class (the ONLY time I've ever ridden hunt seat LOL!) and I had a horse that was so one-sided and unbendable, he wouldn't even pick up the other lead, ever :) Good times :) The money is pretty sweet too ;) Have any pics of you and Candid to share?
    Fabulous card!!! So pretty and sparkly!!! I'm sure she's gonna love it!!!

  5. Oh yeah...that's what I'm talkin' bout!


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