Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm alive!

Just in case anyone suspected otherwise (and contrary to how I felt last week, which I've not passed over to poor MrP).

I survived June (and the first bit of July)!!

I wrote my final exam for Financial Accounting on June 25th (and I'm in no rush to take any more online courses any time soon since I was reminded how poor of a student I can be). I suspect I did well enough on the exam to satisfy my somewhat high standards (I was aiming for a 90+ average). I should know within the next three weeks.

I completed the 15K Canada Day Road Race with two fabulous women and then two days later, biked 60K in the Pigeon Lake Pedal with one of 'em. Love ya Swillsey!

Last night, after pedis with my exercise buddy, was my first lesson back with my favorite little red bull energized pony and he didn't disappoint. The crazy horse almost lost me over a jump, then continued on and figure since I was still aboard, we'd aim for the next jump. Silly Zeus. Don't you know I'm somewhat in charge?! Turns out the Level 3 (2'6 +) jumping might be just what I needed to kick my butt.

And this morning, I started some coloring on the most beautiful flower that one of the super talented ladies, Teri, a sister of mine at The Sisterhood of Crafters sketched. It's going to be on my Sisterhood card that I'll be posting tomorrow. I'm hoping I can do it and the Mojo sketch justice in a little challenge combo. Be sure to come back tomorrow and check it out, along with the other lovely creations of the super talented ladies in The Sisterhood. I'm hoping this starts me back into the crafting realm after what feels like a long hiatus from somewhat regular posts!

Oh yes - and I golfed 18 holes....
if you can call doing this for the most part 'golfing' =)
Hello arms...meet a rowing machine in the near future.


  1. Yay, you're alive and well :) LOL Congrats on all your successes lately...here's wishing you some down time in the studio :)

  2. Yay for you! You are proof there is life outside of stamping :)


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