Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whew - it's been a while

And yet, I can't seem to see the light at the end of the busy tunnel!
January was such a gong show, I'm glad to see it gone, but that means I'm still behind in my online course, which I've already pretty much resolved to paying for an extention for despite the number of hours I've put in to try to catch up. I have, however, booked some fun for MrP and I in the month of February.

First up, February 14th we're heading to Love is Free Edmonton, which I'm really looking forward to. It'll be a cooking lesson where MrP and I will get to prepare a four course meal and enjoy some wines from Argentina & Australia with each course of the evening. What could be better than come handmade gourmet chocolates for dessert? This will be followed by some music and dance and a limo ride home! Sounds indulgent...and we can't wait!

On February 27th, we'll head over to the Shaw Conference Center and enjoy Winefest. I think we may come to regret that trip to San Francisco and our wine tasting tour, which introduced us to some flavours that we enjoyed - and then our Kelowna tour where we branched out even further. Now, we're quickly becoming winos! HAHA I guess there's worse ways to relax.

With Valentines Day coming up, we're not usually celebrators of the day, but we do exchange cards and do a nice meal out, so I suppose I'll need to make time for my craft area even if it's just to whip up a card for my favorite gorilla....errr, husband =)

On that note, I promise to be back by Sunday with a post that includes something to look at. All those new Verve and TE stamps are sitting sorely neglected and I should be flogged with wet ribbons...I know.

Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. Oooh, that evening out making a four course meal with wines to supplement sounds fabulous and fun! That is something my hubby would be all over. I so miss dancing - do some for me!!

    Ah yes, the Kelowna wine tour....very addicting LOL! I did it with my hubby one summer, the only downfall is I was 7 months preggers so could only taste and spit :( though a few amazing sips managed to slide down my throat. We just love the Sumac Ridge wines. My hubby loved the Summerhill Estates Champagne (said it was some of the best he's had) but unfortunately the fires in Kelowna a few summer back burned that one to the ground... Taste a few for us and let us know some of the good ones so we can try them too :D

  2. Hang in there and don't forget to take some time to catch your breath! Have a good weekend!!

  3. Tanis I am glad you are still kicking...LOL
    Sounds like you have been busy but are remembering to take time to have fun also, even if it sounds like you are a whino he he

  4. Take it easy and enjoy, my friend!
    Kim xXx

  5. Oooh sounds like so much fun. No wonder you have no desire to study ;) Mission Hill winery is amazing if you get the chance. Kelowna also has the ice wine festival but I'm not too sure when that is. If you're passing by Kamloops you should give me a call :P

  6. Your upcoming plans sound right up my alley!! We LOVE wine tastings...the best way to try those expensive wines without breaking the bank. Some of the Malbec's from Argentina are really good...If you like red that is. Enjoy and feel free to toast me at any time..LOL!

  7. I think we all are happy January is over!! LOL Your upcoming fun trips sound great...and then it will be spring! We are having gorgeous, warm weather...just in time for the Olympics!! Send us snow if you have it!! LOL Tony and I love going to the wineries around here...we did a 4 day trip together when we were first dating...loved Naramata by Penticton too :) Take care, my friend, have a great weekend :)

  8. Hey busy lady! We're not huge celebrators of Valentine's either but the night of cooking sounds like so much fun: I could go for something like that. Not much of a flowers and romance kinda person but that sounds like a wonderful evening. My DH would love anything that would get me cooking, LOL! Winefest sounds awesome too. Sad to say I haven't been on a wine tour of any kind, but would love to do one. Not sure if the DH would feel the same - although he does like wine...hummm. Must ask.... Glad to hear from you though! Can't wait to see your project :) Take care!


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