Monday, January 18, 2010

What a week!

Last week, I finally realized just how far behind I was in my online accounting class and this week, work has me in Calgary for two days (thank goodness we just got a laptop at the end of December that's mostly mine). Once I finish getting our new girl through her orientation course here, it's back to Leduc for two days of "Tanis-training" (cross your fingers - for her and me!), then she's back to Fort Nelson and I'm off to Saskatoon for my Aunt's birthday. In all this, I still have to get to my goal of at least three hours of online course time each day in hopes of possibly ever catching up.

So what I'm saying is be patient with me and my lack of blog visiting. I'll be trying to sneak some in during her breaks =)

And since my latest Verve order arrived, I'm hoping I may even have time to squeak out a card this week!


  1. Oh, new Verve!! There's incentive!! What did you get? I received your beautiful card on Friday :) Thanks so much...everyone's thoughts really do help :) Have fun with your Aunt and let's hope this week goes quickly!!

  2. Wow girl you really need to take some time to relax!! Take care.

  3. Don't worry, we will still be here checkin' in! Get some rest, girlfriend, before you wear yourself out!

  4. Wow - deep breath! That IS a lot! Hope everything is going well in all your travels. Looking forward to your next post! Missing your wonderful wit!

  5. Glad I was able to connect today. I was getting kicked out of your blog for a few days?? Got in for a bit and then out I went. I promise I won't take it personally LOL!

    Hang in there with the on-line class. I am such an auditory learner that an on line class would just about kill me. Never mind the fact that it is accounting -- that would doubly kill me. Had to take three acctg. courses for my major and they just about killed me -- I'm just not wired for that type of thinking LOL!

    Hope you have fun at your Aunt's place. Don't worry about us, we'll be here when you get back :D

  6. Hi Tannis, it's me again :D I have contacted Blogger Help re: my getting kicked off your site from our downstairs computer and they were wondering if I could forward them your operating system (Windows Vista, XP etc.) and which browser you use (Firefox, Explorer etc.) to see if they can find out a reason for the issue. I have also had a few people tell ME they have been kicked off MY blog when trying to access it so Blogger is trying to see if there is any connection to the issues. Let me know if you are okay with giving me the info or not and if so, could you please forward it to me at Want to make sure I can get to you :D Many thanks!

  7. oooh I feel your pain - I have been away from my computer for about three weeks with family issues and computer issues but I am back up and running!! Good luck Girlie with the studies - I'm over here rooting for you!! Go Tanny, Go Tanny, Go Tanny!!!!


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