Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank You to The Sisterhood of Crafters

This week at the Sisterhood, I'm hosting a Thank You challenge. The worst part is that I need about a zillion Thank You cards and guess how many I've completed? Hardly any...this half marathon training schedule along with everything else is really whipping my summer.

Regardless, I did get a chance to use the previous JUGS #91 (sketch) challenge to inspire a little thanks. I used Jhinuk with Balloon for my card from Gillus Gallery. Priyanka is sponsoring the challenge (win three digis!)and I wanted to see if my coloring has improved with my pencils & gamsol (clearly, it hasn't!).

Check out The Sisterhood of Crafters to make an entry into our Thank You challenge!

I've been keeping busy and haven't had much time to chill out in my craft area. Honestly, I've had time on Sundays after my long runs, but I've been spending that time napping and relaxing (who knew a non-napper could have 2 hour naps after a 16K run?!) I've been icing my achilles a fair amount, but it's responding well to the increased training and things are (knock on wood) looking good for my August 21st half.
Aside from that, Zeus has been entertaining me weekly over fences, my run clinic finished up last night (since I'd been in training with a group who's goal race is this weekend) and next week I'm starting a fitness pole dancing class, along with continuing my running and trying to fit in some time to keep my house half-way presentable in the event of company. MrP has been a wonderful help of late (he collected garbages last night without me even asking!) and with such great support from him and friends, it's been quite a summer thusfar!

Hope you're enjoying yours, too (and that you're getting some REAL summer as opposed to our Vancouver-esque rain season)


  1. Love the corrugated flowers and you used the sketch wonderfully well.

    I'm getting tired just reading about all your training LOL! Glad to hear the achillies tendon is doing okay and I LOL re: your nap comment. I am a napper (even 15 minutes can do wonders) but have a hubby who isn't so can appreciate your surprise :) Glad Zeus is behaving too :)

    Our summer weather has been okay. Some rain here and there but also temperatures over 20C which didn't occur all spring!! Lots of cloudy days but warm so all in all not that bad. Just got back from a week camping at Whistler and I just love that area - so beautiful - but the skeeters are a PAIN!! They love me and my son and we have the proof - ugh!

    Gotta run. VBS this week and 150 kids full of energy and noise wipe me out but good LOL! Have a great week :)

  2. we've had quite a bit of Vancouver rain as well, although today is sunny...the house will dry out so the roofers can start :) What a delicious card and I love the looks corrugated!! You sound exhausted, but exhilarated :) Good for you, but don't over do it :)

  3. This card is WONDERFUL Tanny!!! Such a beautiful take on the sketch and I am totally diggin' those flowers!!! The corrugated cardboard is AWESOME! You are my fitness guru!!! Pole dancing class, eh? Intriguing!!! Can't wait to hear how it is - I've heard it's really good exercise! Have fun!!! So good to "see" you again :)

  4. This is totally sweet! I love the cardboard button flowers and I think I need a nap just after reading all that you've been doing! You are a machine woman :)


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