Thursday, July 21, 2011


I just realized I'm down to my last month before my half marathon. Assuming everything goes well, I'll be running my heart out on Sunday, August 21st in the 2011 Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon. I read a really interesting comment from John Stanton in my half marathon training guide. People commonly will say "just half" and I'm guilty of this. 21.1kms is still a heck of a run in my mind and yet, I'll qualify my run as "just the half". In the guide, he said he likes to call it a "full half" because unless you stop, it's a full half marathon.

I frequently question my sanity and at the start of the week, had more than a few self doubts. I know I've completed 16kms (and even one of those felt so good that I thought I might be able to finish another five) and I've got 18 and 20km runs coming up, but when I start overthinking it, I stress myself out.

My training has been going well, though. I bought a pair of compression socks and my achilles has been getting regular icing. I've scheduled some massages for the upcoming weeks (both before and after the run), as well as a reflexology session for the day after my run...although from what I've heard, it'll likely be everything but my feet that hurts. HAHA!

MrP has been given strict instructions to be at the finish line with a camera when I come in. I had initially set a goal of 2:45 for my first half, but he told me I was silly to set a time goal and that my goal should just be to finish. I understand where he's coming from - I'm very hard on myself when it comes to not reaching a goal that I think is attainable. So I'm trying to keep his words in the back of my head, but I'm still aiming for a timed goal (shhhhh....don't tell him!) ;)
2010 10K Finish
Last night, I went out for ~6.5kms and had my fastest times for a 5K and 6K yet. 30:06 and 36:15. I despise running in the heat, but short distances seem to agree with it since I can convince myself that if I make it back sooner, I can get back to the air conditioned house faster. Followed that up with a jumping lesson on Zeus, who was a little rockstar.

This Sunday, I'll be heading out for the Tour de l'Alberta with friends for a 100km ride though the French communities just north of the city. First time I'll have been on a bike since July 2nd...and first time on my road bike since the MS Bike Tour. Yes, MrP has made some comments about my lack of riding. LOL I told him it's not that I don't appreciate it...I just have to throw myself into training for this half!

So anyways, with a month to go, I just wanted to get it out there. Yes, I'm stressing, but I'm training my butt off (or so it feels like it) and with any luck, I'll continue to remain injury free and enjoy the next four weeks.


  1. I'm so excited for you :) I'm sure you will do great. Go for the time and keep MrP's words in the back of your mind for sure. It's an amazing achievement to finish (sure would be for me!) and something you should be proud of. Go Tanis, Go Tanis, Go Tanis :)

  2. Wow, I didn't realize it was this soon! I hope the weather is good and I will be cheering for you in my mind the whole way!. Listen, if it took you 24hrs I'd still be impressed, so be proud no matter what the finish time ends up being! Woo-Hoo!

  3. you constantly amaze me Tanny. I love how you have goals and plan for them and see them inspiring...I do the best I can with this old body, but a marathon? Tell them you're doing the hardest half ;) REALLY, who are these people who say that? They better be runners as well that run 42 km all the time. You go girl!! Made it safely to Cincinnati and yes, Starbucks really was only 328 ft away from the hotel :) LOL

  4. You go girl!!! I wish I had the energy and the stamina to do something like this, but I would pass out after a few feet I think! LOL

    I just noticed below! you sell digital stamps now? Do you create them?? I make a lot of digital tags and stuff now. I went from one obsession to another! HA! I might have to buy some and color them and make tags! HUGS!!!!

    (darn this almond joy is good)

  5. Best of luck girl!!! You are AMAZING!!! Truly amazing!!! WOW! Can't wait to see pics from your run!!! You are just a constant source of inspiration!!!! YOU ROCK!


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