Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wordy Birds bring Mojo

I wanted to give the Mojo sketch a try this week and I pulled out the newest Verve that I ordered and got it inky! And then I found my new order of liquid pearls (this color is Bisque) and went to town. I blame (the super talented & inspiring) Sankari Wegman for every dab of pearly goodness on this card...and all that is to come! This Wordy Birds set is so I need to get some real branches so my cute birdie doesn't have leaves coming out of his butt!

Sadly, I created two cards in three hours so I was on no sort of role. I'm hoping I get some better mojo going this weekend when I'm hoping to blast Taylor Swift, which is what always seems to be on when I'm "on". MrP may just have to put up with the music if he wants to game in the home theatre area in the basement (which happens to be across the house/room from my craft area).

I also shocked myself today. After thinking about it since about September last year, I finally committed to a half marathon clinic in hopes of completing the BMO Okanagan Half Marathon in October. I had decided that if I was ever going to do one, that might be it and had discussed with MrP earlier. He agreed to come for support, but assured me there's no way on God's green earth that he would be running with me. LOL! That's all the support I can hope for =) I figure now that I've made it official, I'll be more likely to do it, so here goes nothing....the clinic starts in March!

More of this to come....


  1. Absolutely LOVE this, Tanis!! The BG DP is fabulous and I love your colour combo. You had me LOL re: the Sankiri comment as well as the branch comment, though I didn't notice the branch until you mentioned it. Fabulous take on the Mojo sketch!!

    Congrats on signing up for the half marathon!! You go girl. I'm with MrP - I'll cheer loudly from the sidelines but you sure won't find me doing the running LOL! You go girl!!

    Hope to see you at the release party tomorrow.

  2. Adorable card Tanis, love the new birdie image, the papers and sketch and all of your pearly goodness on the scallops and panel. You had me laughing too with the leaf comment:)
    Good luck with the training for the marathon, you are a brave one indeed. I will be on the sidelines with Marisa, cheering loudly :)

  3. Hey there...ADORABLE card! That birdie sure is a cutie :) Thanks so much for tagging me in an earlier post and I have it on my list to do the list..ha ha! You are so awesome and inspiring regarding your marathons and I really admire your resolve :) Thanks too, for all your kind words earlier in the week ;)

  4. A little birdy on my shoulder is telling me that I need to act more on the inspiration you provide. Oh, and BTW I think maybe Amber is whittling a torch that you can share with your boss ;)

  5. love those colours and that sweet little that bling on the sentiment!! Fabulous!! hehehe...congrats on signing up!! Does that mean you are in Kelowna in October? That's close to me!! ;)

  6. what a prett card Tanis! Happy New Year! great action shot!!

  7. Congrats on signing up for the half marathon!!! WOW!! We'll be cheering for you!!!
    What a fabulous card Tanny!!! OMG that bird is so cute! And those colors!!! *SWOON* Two cards in three hours is pretty darn good from where I'm standing!!! I'm embarrassed to tell you how long it takes me to make some of my cards (even the CAS ones!). Great inspiration girl!!
    On a separate note, how about the Jets and Pats next weekend!!!! I'm gonna play the role of the typical Jets fan - I'm not optimistic... but I'm not ready to say "putrid" yet ;)

  8. This is just darling! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday!

  9. I love this, Tanis! I just got some new Verve and need to ink it up. Woot woot on the running!!


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