Saturday, January 8, 2011

It Really Is A Snow Day!

Cancelled our one appointent and we're staying in. I needed to get to the gym today, but after round one of Snowflake Shovelfest, I think I'll just take a ride on my bike on the trainer and call it good for muscle exhausting. It also shows no sign of slowing, so I suspect there will be more rounds of this today!

I told MrP that I would shovel in exchange for breakfast (He HATES shovelling snow - I like the workout factor). We also had the front walkway (thankfully the neighbor used his snow blower on the main sidewalk) and the 8' behind the garage to the alley. UGH! I think he got the better of this deal.

Check it out!

Before Shovelfest:

(these were all taken at the same time - I was playing with the camera to get some snow detail)

After Shovelfest

Out the front storm door:

Looks like a perfect day to clean up my craft area
(although going out for organization tools is pretty much unthinkable, I've decided).
Keep warm & be happy, friends!


  1. We are in for the day too, although Rod went to the Rec center and ran his 5 miles...I would have to ask my dad how far that is in kilometers. I'm clueless. We got snow as well, not as much as you though...Making homemade pizza and salad tonight and having a little Cabernet with it. I would invite you over if you lived closer, lol...Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. Wow!!! That is a LOT of snow! You had me LOL with your Shovelfest comment :D and I had to laugh about MrP not liking to shovel and you liking the work out because it's just like my hubby and I! I'll take a workout in any way, shape or form. We may get a trace tonite and they are forecasting 15 - 25cm for Wednesday! I'll think of you while I'm shovelling LOL!

    Hugest (((hugs))) and thank yous again for my b-day pressie. It is going towards the Love Notes set and I'll make sure I showcase a card in your honour as soon as I get it :)

    Keep warm and safe and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. It does indeed look like the perfect day to be nestled up inside, crafting!!! I'm sure you didn't need a workout after that!!!! UGH!!! Love "Shovelfest"!!! It's funny to me - hopefully you can laugh about it now, LOL!!! How was breakfast?


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