Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today's card is the first in a set of four that I sent off to my aunt =) She's seen them anyways when they were part of my other plan for the sets I did for her (which I'm glad didn't work out because it was too darn time consuming) LOL!

Anywho, I used up some designer paper that I hadn't been using - Windsor Knot - and created a set of four, which I'm going to drag out slowly to get the most of my posts. I've decided that at the end of September, I'm going to shut down my blog. I'm not so important as to warrant one and there's certainly an overwhelming abundance of talent out there already - that I follow who I will continue to follow - just not as a fellow blogger.

But I digress...I used the Verve AnniVERVEsary sketches for the set of four and Verve's Enjoy set to create this card. You can't really see the shimmer, but I outlined the flower, text and colored over the stem & leaves with my Sakura gel pen to get some sparkle.
Clean and simple - and totally my style!
I've been getting in some good runs lately and it's been such a blast - when you actually feel like you're making progress, it's the greatest feeling. Plus, the cooler temp has been unseasonal (at least in my mind) for August, but perfect for running in. Tomorrow, our gym memberships start up again and I'm going to try for a good compromise between some outdoor exercise and some time using the machines that we pay to play on =) Is it sad that I'm looking forward to getting back to some resistance training that I've sorely neglected this summer?! MrP and I will start taking a boxing class in November (technically, end of October, the day after our 4 year anniversary) and I can't wait to start punching him. HAHA

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. oh, so sweet...I love that Verve set and the flower that could also be a butterfly...I apologise if I've missed any posts...I've really been swamped with my new classroom, although I feel much better after having the custodians work their magic today :) It's sorta kinda starting to feel like my room :) You are amazing with your running!!!! I'm a gym rat :( When is your trip? Boxing sounds like fun!! As long as you get the first punch in and then say, "hey, no hitting girls!" LOL

  2. Great job on the sketch...Love that flower stamp too :) Looks like you will have a busy fall my friend. We renewed our rec center membership last month, so I will be inside too when the weather turns for good around here.

  3. Just LOVE what you have created here. That Verve flower is gorgeous as is the paper. I'm sure your aunt loved them.

    Glad to hear you are seeing progress with your runs! That is such a fabulous feeling, be it running or increasing reps or weight etc. Look out MrP, that boxing class could be dangerous LOL!

    Sorry to hear you are shutting down your blog. I always enjoy reading about your adventures with Zeus, MrP, your charity bikes and runs etc. as well as your cards :( With courses to take and lots going on I can appreciate your decision...just glad I found you before it happened.

    Family did the Wild Play/Monkey Do course while on vacation. Nothing like climbing, walking, swinging on all sorts of obstacles along a course that is 20 - 45 feet in th air! Managed to find a few new muscles along the way too LOL!


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