Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Sneak Peak for Amber Ink!

Yep - two whole days in a row, I'm posting! (And twice today, at that! Scroll down or click here for my prize-offering Sisterhood of Crafters blog hop creation) I've been inspired lately...what can I say?! These kiddos are so much fun to color. I used Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge #87 and apparently great minds think alike - check out Thanh's card...

Alright, so hers makes mine look like a five year old did it...I like to think I'm a clean & simple stamper. Let's go with that ;-)

I have a couple of embossed lines in the kraft, but they barely stand out - look VERY carefully. Anyways, I used the New Girl from the fun kiddos and gave her a desk like I recall from back in my youth - with the green metal (hurray for the 80's schools!) A little embossing on the olive paper and some fun ribbon...all set for shipping to my cousin who just graduated. I'm sure she's happy not to be sitting at a school desk anymore!

The other torchbearers have some inspiring new creations to share - be sure to check them out!
Have a wonderful Wednesday =)


  1. Super duper cute! And I love the solid papers and the sketch works great for this card! That kiddie is darling :)

  2. okay, I looked, I loved, I'm turning away!!!! Fabulous colouring and love the colours :) Please, no more school images until Sept 7th!!! LOL {wink!}

  3. Love the way you used the black to outline the panels. Great use of Mercy's sketch and a darling card. Ah yes....gotta love those school desks. Believe they had green legs back in my days too LOL!

  4. Hey you.. don't put yourself down- your creations are beautiful...i really struggle with clean and simple - so really admire your style
    Lisa ;)

  5. Clean and simple are some of the hardest to do well and you do it so gosh darn well!!! This is flabby! Love the colors and the coloring - look at you just coloring away :) love the kraft with the green and brown. Keep the posting roll a'going!

  6. Wonderful card, I am SO envious. The strong shapes really stand out with the black and the different textures. LOVE the sophisticated color palette and the coloring is great! You are so brave to have cut this out; I took one look at all those legs and said forget it! Wish I could make cards like this; I try and try and before you know it there are buttons and ribbons and, and, and I've blown it again, LOL!

  7. Okay...I'm just getting ready to set the alarm - in other words it is late and I just wanted to take a peek at my faves for the day again. Did I not post a comment???? Amber and I both talked about how much we adored this card. It's like one of those things where you tell everybody else, but forget to tell the artist! You done it proud lady! You done it proud.


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