Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ex Libris

According to Wikipedia, I'm a nerd. Wait - no - that's according to MrP. According to Wikipedia, Ex Libris "is a Latin phrase, meaning literally, 'from the books.' It is often used to indicate ownership of a book, as in from the books of... or from the library of..."

In this case, I've taken two of my most recent books to show you what I'm talking about! After reading reviews of both of these books, I had to pick them up. I've already read The Hunger Games and am currently reading the second in the trilogy (thanks, library!) and will eagerly await the third which is on it's way, having just been released yesterday. Technically, they're 'teen' books...but hey, so is Twilight!

Anyways, not wanting to have it misplaced or borrowed and unreturned, I used this fun book plate from Amber Ink to create a lasting reminder of whose book this is! Their INKredible 21 Day Challenge is now taking place over here and you won't want to miss it - just use one Amber Ink product to create something with the theme of it a card, book plate, journal, recipe book, etc. Don't have any Amber Ink? Let me know....I'm hoping to offer up a little Amber Ink love soon =)

I take my books very seriously - and I will hunt you down if it's not returned =) I think these owls would be totally adorable in my Harry Potter books, but of course, there'd have to be a beautiful snowy one for Hedwig. Yep - I guess I am a nerd, dear =) But aren't we all?!

What's your latest read? Would you recommend it? Let me know!


  1. I may have to grab these bookplate stamps...It's something that I don't have and I love to read :) Thanks for the book idea too! I will be joining the challenge on Friday myself...Great job coloring those wise old owls girl!

  2. Those are the books that have been in Amber's hot little hands too - maybe I'll have to visit them in the library. I hadn't seen any color put to those book plates. This is a first and they look absolutely fantastic. Thanks for the nerdy post.;)

  3. Cute and a great way to claim ownership to your books :) I hunt people down too LOL!

    Hunger Games trilogy is on my to be read list as many have said they enjoyed them. You know I love the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (just about done book 4 and will be SO sad when school starts and I can't stay up until midnight plus reading!)

    I also enjoyed Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and it's sequel (as well as all his other books though they are very different in nature!) Just got Forgotten Garden but haven't read it yet so can't comment on the book but several have said they really enjoyed it. Firefly Lane is another one I've been told is good.

  4. Oh man, Tanis! So cute. I'm half way thru 'Mockingjay'. You're going to have to hold onto your hat, it is SO good!

    I had it preordered on my Kindle, which I kept on the pillow next to me release night. I rolled over and put an hour in around 4am. Wikipedia is trying to come up with a word, they need something nerdier than nerd for me ;) It's so lovely to be in the company of fellow bibliophiles!

    Love those little owls, it's so fun to see them colored up!

  5. I am a HUGE bookworm AND a bibliophile, as I not only LOVE reading but also OWNING them. There are literally thousands of books in my house! So I thank you very much for your recommendation of the Hunger Games trilogy! I loved Harry Potter and I'm a huge Twilight fan - if a book is good, it doesn't matter what age it was written for! Love you bookplates, I've got a post coming up soon and it will certainly be inspired by your bookplates! :-)


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