Monday, December 7, 2009

What a weekend!

I had hoped I'd get a chance to play with my new PTI goodies that arrived on Friday (Thanks Moe & Laural!!) but instead managed to get a whole lot of housework done and a TON of baking done. I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies for my treat exchange on Tuesday, Rum Balls, Pecan Goody Cups and Ginger Snaps as most of my holiday baking. One more recipe and I'm done. Last year I sent a tin of baking to my aunt and she said my uncle really enjoyed it (she doesn't cook or bake without the help of Betty or Duncan), so I'm hoping to get them a package shipped off shortly. I should have taken some pictures, but I didn't manage to sneak them in.

Only time I went out this weekend was for once for an appointment and I managed to get stuck leaving the driveway, so I'm quite anxious to drive to work this morning. Fingers crossed there's no getting stuck anywhere and that the highway is decent driving.

With my lack of mojo of late, I don't even have enough Christmas cards to send this year, so I guess I better get on that!!

Off to work...fingers crossed!


  1. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! I am only now working on my personal Christmas cards to send and have to move quickly on that, or my family in Canada won't receive them before Christmas!
    Stay safe with the wintry driving!

  2. See, and the baking is where I am behind this year! Everything you made sounds wonderful...The bad weather is coming our way by the end of the week, and I'm not looking forward to it :(

  3. Oh I am so did baking! I also am behind in cards but life happens.

  4. Sounds like you got a good jump on things. Love the smell of baking cookies -- never mind the taste testing LOL! As for the cards, don't stress yourself out. If worse comes to worse, buy some to send out and don't berate yourself for doing so! People will understand. It's the knowing they were thought of that counts :D

    Heard about the snow storm Alberta got and the COLD temps you are now having now - yikes!! I sure can't complain about our -6C any more LOL! Hope you made it to work okay today (((hugs))).

  5. Doesn't it suck when you get new goodies but have no time to play? But sometimes, other things are more important - like housework :) Sorry about the weather :( It doesn't sound like any fun at all. My parents live in NL and they were hit with a lot of snow over the past few days. Wanna know something funny (and perhaps a little sick) - I miss the snow! We don't get much here in TN at all. I guess I don't miss it hanging around until April though :)
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Hope you had an uneventful drive this morning.

  6. Your too sweet as your baking. Before I had kids I loved to bake but now that they want to help (a one hour project turns into 3 hours) I tend to avoid baking.

    I hope you do get around to your new PTI soon but maybe once the craziness of the holidays is over you'll have time to put your stamps to use.


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