Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Smashing Success?

I think so =)

But can I just say one thing before I get into the nitty gritty? My best friend really is the BEST!
Without her, I'm pretty sure my Type A, mild to moderate OCD self would've been a fine mess.

I left work and headed for the gym for a bum-friendly workout, then off to pick up the last of the groceries. I got home, hauled everything in and when I went to put veggies in the fridge, I realized the error of our non-baker ways. Here's a clue for anyone thawing bread dough. Don't tightly wrap your personal sized blobs of dough in plastic wrap and put them into a big Tupperware-like container. Because they will expand. And expand mine did, popping the top off the container and basically mini-exploding throughout it. Some of the dough had to be thrown out from it's exposure to the air, which made it a little crusty. Then I went through and separated. I really should have taken pictures, but my hands were covered in dough from trying to figure out which chubby blob belonged with which bit of dough still in the plastic wrap. If you will, picture this: plastic wrapped cute round of yeast-filled dough meets warmth, pressure builds and all the yeasty goodness is too much to bear for that little plastic wrap, so it pops it's chubby self out the side of the wrap after tearing it's way through with a vengeance. I'm not even doing it justice. I'm telling you, there was dough filling every orifice of that container and I had to scrape it off and try reassembling reasonable sized dough balls.

Anyways, I finally got them rewrapped and had a shower, then started on the other details. Chelsey arrived and she stirred some Epicure Nacho Cheese Dip together and then I really put her to work, cutting mushrooms, green peppers, etc. Thanks to her, I had time to put a face on so I didn't immediately have people running out the door, and we got everything all into serving dishes and ready for action. Everyone was prompt and we had three stations for the pizza prep. Everyone did wonderfully with their dough and thanks to a convection oven, parchment and stoneware, I was able to bake four pizzas at a time. Chelsey made the best punch and once everyone had eaten, we dispersed the goodies onto the table for pick ups. My fave helper even started packing up people's bags for them. Talk about service! Grace won the door prize of a Mary Kay Lotus & Green Tea Gift Set (at least that's what I think it was....I'll have to ask my mom) and everyone had a good time, I think. Nobody complained about the food, but if they had I'd have punched 'em anyways, so it's all good =) People actually ate some of the 'nastys' I'd picked up (baby shrimp, onions, olives), so that made me happy! I took pics but didn't have time to edit (I had to pick up my Scotch drinkers last night & make their late night donair run. It was a late night for me) so I'll try getting those up tonight before we head out to see a screening of Invictus. 

But there is goodies...and the rolo cookies & mint nanaimos made it into my breakfast this morning. LOL!

Hope your Wednesday is going better than mine - I'm bushed and trying to figure out how to sleep at my desk without anyone noticing.


  1. You're hilarious Tanis!! My goodness you're a busy lady! and lucky to have a friend like Chelsey. Enjoy the show tonight. It looks like a wonderful'll have to give me the deets later. Get some sleep!!!

  2. Girl I think I gained five pounds just from reading your last three posts LOL - Can't wait to see pictures!!

  3. Is there anything better for breakfast, really? I can eat chocolate or cookies ANY time of day. Thanks for the tip with the dough :) I really don't bake much and probably would have done much the same thing! Aren't great friends the bestest? Sounds like it was a great time - didn't end in fisticuffs (love that word!) so that's always good :D

  4. I am still laughing about the dough fiasco...I know it had to be a mess but it is funny.Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time.Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway sweetie and adding our blinkie on your sidebar, remember you were one of the first doodle divas!!!

  5. Behind every successful get together/party there is always a behind-the-scenes "disaster" story :D Yes, yeast dough has a mind of its own but you can get even in the end by eating it LOL! Loved your description of the happenings - sounds like my issues with multiple DPs on a card (see today's post LOL!) but I don't' have a Chelsey to help me out! Heck, as long as everyone had a great time, that's what counts :D

  6. oh wow! what a time you had! I can only imagine that dough!! Otherwise, it sounds like a lot of fun (and a lot of work!)...I can relate to the sleeping at work...but the 8 year olds keep me awake until at least 2:30!! LOL can't wait to see the pix!!


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