Friday, December 18, 2009

Well I could show you the card I made

for Chelsey's family, but then she'd see it if she still reads this rubbish-filled blog =)
I like to think I'm bringing 'rubbish' to the forefront again. It's such a great word.

It's the Friday before Christmas and we're going shopping for clothes tonight. Yes, we must be officially crazy. We're even venturing over to West Edmonton Mall to use my coupon for a fave clothing store. We're pretty much done with gifts (other than the ones to our home) but we need new clothes in a bad way. I've always bought MrP blue shirts, but with so many, I'd been buying him everything but blue the last couple of years. Now he's got none left. So tonight, our goal is to get him some new shirts.

The problem is I despise shopping. After winning the lottery, the first thing I'd do is hire a personal shopper. And what the heck is with people who like bathing suit shopping? I'd rather gouge my fingers into my eyeballs. Nevertheless, I've had to do a little shopping lately and in spite of my dislike of shopping, it hasn't been truly awful. Expect the worst, hope for the best and don't be disappointed?! =)

Tomorrow, I'm off to deliver presents to less fortunate kids for the third year. Shelly & I always have a great time and really get into the Christmas spirit when delivering for Santa's Anonymous. After deliveries are all attempted (sometimes, we aren't able to deliver the first time around), we go for some lunch (and the non-drivers have a little extra cheer thanks to hot chocolate & Bailey's Irish Cream) and then retry deliveries. Any that can't be made at that time are returned to the warehouse for attempt at a later date or by arranged pickup.

The last two years, it's been the last (or close to) deliveries that really make the day. Seeing the little kids yelling "Is that for me?!!" with a huge smile really brings a tear to my eye. (Yep, I'm a sap - I don't care what you!)

Sunday, MrP & I will resume another four hour shift at the Christmas Bureau donation desk in hopes of raising a few more funds for a nice Christmas meal for those struggling in this economy.

I have every intention of getting some Christmas cards done this weekend in hopes of handing them out next week...and if not, no worries! It's the thought that counts, right?!

If you really want a laugh, head over to my friend Lisa's for her Grinch story! I almost died laughing yesterday at her story, so I told her she HAD to post it on her blog.


  1. Hi Tanny! What a lovely person you are :) So thoughtful - I could see how doing those things could completely brighten up any day. There's just something so wonderful about children and Christmas.
    I'm with you on the shopping - I like it when I know what I want to buy (which is really not "shopping"). And bathing suit shopping - yeah, only if I want to make myself completely depressed... I'm with ya there too :)
    Just wanted to wish a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! Here's wishing you a new year filled with PTI goodies (and other wonderful things of course)!

  2. Heck, Tannis, I'll be your personal shopper - just give me your budget and credit card and I'll be happy to do it for you LOL! While at West Ed I can go visit my brother and sister-in-laws place in St. Albert -- would be a great trip :D

    Blessings to you for your wonderful work with the gift deliveries and Christmas bureau!! may your heart be warmed and your spirit filled as you bless the lives of others (((hugs)))

  3. Tanis, I'd have to say that with all the good deeds you've been doing I don't think ppl will mind that you didn't have time to make them a Christmas card.

    I myself love to shop if it's 1) without my kids 2) without my husband 3) it's not crowded 4) I have an awesome salesperson to work with 5) if I have someone like my sister who knows how to put an outfit together because I get overwhelmed. If I won the lottery I would hire a stylist and someone to do my grocery shopping.

    AS for a bathingsuit I don't actually own one...the last time I borrowed my sisters.

    Merry Christmas

  4. I'm glad my Grinchy-ness (so not a word, but it is now)makes you giggle!!

    Have a good weekend doll!!

  5. Tanis, how wonderful it is to read about all you do at's the best to give, I agree :) The dh and I are doing a bit of shopping tonight as well, but not much...going out for a quick dinner and then to see Brothers (movie). Hope you find some fabulous stuff!!

  6. I must say I am glad to hear I am the only that a word? I prefer to just get in and out and no one will get hurt.
    It is so wonderful that you donate so much of your time, and for such wonderful places that make a difference. May your holiday be blessed even if you don't finish all your cards.

  7. All those things really make the Christmas season meaningful. Good for you! Merry Christmas!


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