Thursday, December 17, 2009

PTI! Oh I see stamps in my future... (and some Christmas giftage)

Those enablers, also known as Maureen and Laural, allowed me to place an order along with them when they did their latest Papertrey Ink order and I see a problem. I love their darn stamps! Maureen has really inspired me with all of her fabulous buttons and bling (ironic, I know, since her blog is called BUTTONS & BLING) and I'm now looking for any excuse I can to use them. Welcome Holiday Button Bits! I used Jen's Sketch for You to Try from Dec. 12th and whipped up a quick & easy card that's on it's way to my half sister with a cineplex night out pass.

The next "must have" on my wishlist?! Everyday Button Bits, baby! But wait....what's this?! Blooming Button Bits?! Oh c'mon PTI - have a little pity on my pocketbook. LOL

Speaking of wishlists.....sometimes it really stinks living in Canada when you can't find an item here and the only online stores that have it ship only to the US. Kinda ruins the fun of my awesome gift ideas.

Speaking of gifts....since I can't reach out and gift all of you a little something, I'm doing something in honour of all of you. In your honour, I've donated 50 trees to be planted by the folks over at Oxfam Unwrapped. (image from Oxfam Unwrapped website)

Branch out and plant 50 trees. Trees not only produce life-sustaining crops like avocados and bananas, but they also prevent erosion and provide much-needed shade for other crops. Even better, reforestation and the training women and men receive on forest management provide long-lasting benefits from your gift. These trees help seed income and a greener world.

More information on tree planting:

Planting trees is part of the work of many Oxfam partners in Ethiopia and Cuba – particularly as part of efforts to rehabilitate land and livelihoods in the aftermath of natural disasters like drought and hurricanes. Trees help prevent soil erosion, provide shade and shelter and can be a source of food and income.

For example, in the aftermath of multiple hurricanes that struck Cuba , Oxfam’s partner organizations planted trees to replace valued forest lost in the storms. When you buy trees you are supporting Oxfam's livelihoods programs, helping create a sustainable environment and helping women and men earn a living too.

Merry (early) Christmas


  1. Good thing I'm not in with you and Maureen and Laurel or I'd be suffering from PTI-itis as well LOL! Love there stuff. Got my eye on their leaf set and their newest button set - not to mention a few others too LOL! Glad you got your goodies and are enjoying them :D Little Santa is darling :D

    Loved the picture of the banana tree - brings back wonderful childhood memories (I grew up in the tropics). Good for you for blessing some of the people down there through your donation! A great practical way to help and provide so much for so many (((hugs))).

  2. I love early gifts!! Thanks!! What a sweet card!! Who doesn't love Santa? and a gc inside!? So glad you are enjoying your new goodies...I love their stuff husband needs to go down to the States more!! LOL Now I look at my own stamps and see where I can add buttons even if I don't have the "button bits" stamps. (i.e. my button bouquets last summer :) I can't wait to stamp this weekend is still in the shop and been busy with family :)

  3. Super cute! I love the addition of the snowflake brads too. I just ordered the original button bits myself, but they're not here yet. :( I can't wait to see what else you'll make. Thanks for sharing about the trees...Awsome idea!

  4. Fabulous card - and what a great gift idea!! Good on ya!
    Teri x

  5. You're just a good person. :)

    And that card is adorable.


  6. I'm so glad you finally got around to playing with your new toys. That santa is adorable.

    What a wonderful way to donate! How thoughtful of you, you wonderful girl.

  7. How fun to have enablers too. Thank you for the wonderful gift, so considerate of are such a sweetie!


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