Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Restaurant at Meadowood

The Restaurant at Meadowood (AKA - the other Michelin 3 Star in Wine Country)
Walkway to The Restaurant

The Restaurant at Meadowood

MrP at the start of the evening

"Pillows on a Pillow"
Cheese Filled Heaven
that was served on a pillow

Frozen Radish Shoots with Iced Gelee
(another "wish we'd written it down moment)

Clam with spinach, then lightly "breaded" before being baked
(hard to describe, but tasty!)

Goat Cheese Custard with Chives and Caramelized Onions

Fresh out of the oven Pain au Lait with
cream butter that featured floral petals within

TannyP and MrP's First Course
Crescenza Agnolotti with Broccoli, Bantam Egg, White Truffle Nage
paired with a Chassagne Montrachet White Burgandy Chardonnay

Fresh Baked Sourdough Roll

TannyP Second Course
Cobia in Kale Ash with Pumpkin, Gastrique of White
Soy and Maple, Quince paired with a Cold Heaven Voignier

MrP Second Course - Butter Poached Veal Chop with assorted
Roots and Tubers paired with a Vietti Barbera D'Alba

Wines paired with Cheeses

MrP Third Course
La Jeune Austise with textures of Apple, Herb Ash,
Sassafras Honey paired with a Terre de Rouge Muscat

TannyP Third Course
Abbaye De Belloc with Pear, Macadamia Nut,
Nasturtium paired with a Rolly Gassman Alsace Reisling

(isn't this the coolest cheese presentation?! I
hope to find this and serve it at my next wine & cheese night!)

Bread served alongside cheese course

Palate Cleanser
Buttermilk Sorbet with Wheat Crisps
& Dehydrated Strawberry Meringues


TannyP Fourth Course
Pears from the Garden with Parmesan, Caramel, Rosemary
paired with a fortified wine (no picture or notes showing the wine or vintage)

MrP Fourth Course
Milk Chocolate with Burnt Orange, Maple, Pecan paired with a fortified wine (no picture or notes showing the wine or vintage)

Mint Cream Truffles

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
Mini Toast & Jam
served on living moss from surrounding forest
We felt compelled to try Meadowood after eating at various Michelin starred restaurants, including other three starred restaurants - The French Laundry, Daniel and Le Bernardin.

The meal was excellent, please don't think it wasn't... but truthfully the experience and food were better at some of the other places and if you really want to get MrP fuming, charge him $16 for still water, then another $12/pot for tea (which we each requested peppermint tea after supper - we could've easily shared a single pot, but they brought us one each).

Alas, we loved our visit to Napa and San Francisco and coming home to -4 weather was less than inspiring. The 23 bottles of wine did, however, inspire us to finally order a lovely wine rack, which MrP put together tonight. YAY! Unfortunately, we discovered our basement is a lot warmer (and less humid) than we thought, so we still may have to invest in a cellar (if you're reading this, MrP, I'm not opposed ;-Þ )

And so this finishes our trip....until we leave for Chicago on November 11th! In the meantime, I've got some craftiness to share.


  1. Loved all the pictures from the last two posts. I'm drooling on my keyboard looking at all the wonderful food you got to enjoy!! Looks like you had a fabulous time and will remember the memories is fine form as you enjoy the wine you brought home :)

  2. Another great round of photos...And the food presentation was stunning! Loved seeing the serving pieces the food was presented on too...However, that is pretty nerve-y to charge that much for water and tea. PUHLEEZE!

  3. OMG…so hungry right now!!! The food looks incredible! So many delicious and unique dishes. I do love the presentation of that cheese! Too cool. 12/pot of tea - yeah, that'd have my hubby fuming too :) GORGEOUS pics girl! Have fun in Chi town!

  4. Awesome pictures! Napa looks so beautiful.


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