Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

Well it's Chelsey's anniversary so I had to drop this off at her house this morning (since it's too darn big to send in the mail - I love 5.5x5.5 cards, but they're a pain to make envelopes for).

And before you start with me, I do have posts for the last day of Napa getting it's final touches....I blame the wine (and flaky internet on the last day). It'll be up later.

Back to the aforementioned Viva La Verve Week 2 sketch. Like Marisa, I LOVED this one - thanks Teresa! So much fun to play with and the colors were a Splitcoast Color Challenge 347.

Anyways, I it was the first I'd gotten to use my jotted heart die, as well as inked up anything from my Small Phrases set. I also got some stitching practice, as well as twine bow tying.
Now I can't stop thinking about how much more I could do with this sketch and wanting to play with it - just like others!
Happy Birthday, Chels!


  1. Fabulous colour combo and great take onteh sektch. Love the multi-looped bow on the heart and of course, the corrugated heart :) You are back and in fine fashion!

  2. Love the beautiful rich colors! And look at you doing the sewing thing...I'm "sew" impressed! Sorry, couldn't resist the pun :) Have a great weekend!


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